What can you give and still keep? A Word. A Smile. A Grateful Heart.

Every now and again, my coworker will write something that makes me pause and think. The kind of motivational things that makes the world a better place to work in.

Taking a look at personal renewable resources that makes life better for the person who uses the resources as well as the person who gets the resource sector.


Read on to know more.

In the #quotemycoworkerwrote series, I try to elaborate on a positive message that follows and fits the initial message my coworker wrote.

Often times, people do want to give and help others. Sadly, one can give to the point of depleting oneself. Over-caring, over-sharing, over-doing,  over-supporting, etc the list can go on and on.

A healthy living requires a degree of balance. You have to think about preserving yourself, because without that, there is not much to give.

The zero sum game that often gets played is based on the whole survival of the fittest mindset. Competition often means only one person is left standing at the end of the transaction. That is a very popular way of doing things and is gaining even more traction.

However, renewables are awesome too. Having something that self-replenishing is brilliant. Like solar energy or wind, certain things you give can be reset and restored on their own. One such example is your attention span.

In humanity, there are certain super gifts. The ones that keep on giving to both the giver and the receiver. Those are among the things you can give and keep at the same time.

Your word.

Keeping it is just as good as giving it. And giving it means you’re keeping it. Always strive for integrity with your words, as that’s fundamental to building trust and keeping it. Do as you say you’ll do and only say what you’ll do. Ideally.

Your smile. 

It brightens the day of others and also feels good to you wearing it. One teacher kept saying that a smile always increases your face value. Without going into cultural differences, a smile is that gift you give to others that give to you as you give it.

And it’s contagious many times… getting the receiver to give you a smile back. Double points deal! Your own smile gave to your well-being and you got a smile back that added to your well being.

A heart filled with gratitude.

Having gratitude is its own gift and reward. Not to mention you’re  a delight to those around you and inspiration to those in need of an uplift.

Gratitude often impacts your altitude as well as attitude in life. Nothing like some self-generated positive feelings in face of haters who realize they can’t touch you because your heart is filled with gratitude.

Of course, there are many more things to the list. However, that was the post my coworker wrote and these are my quick thoughts on the matter.

Keep your word as you share it in full authenticity with a smile generated from a grateful heart.

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