Lake Dippikill

Every now and again, the need to recharge makes itself known. In the past, without being aware of it, things managed to line up and provide a nice outlet to recharge.

Today, that need requires a bit of planning. But that’s not the point of this blog post. Today, looking back to a bit of good fortune that came my way.

I received an invitation to participate in a youth retreat on top of a range of mountains. I have not researched the place to better understand it as I don’t want to ruin the magic of the memory of the place.

What I do recall well, as I’ve been there a few times, is that the road eventually becomes a bit narrow and one lane. The photogenic passes and gorgeous streams and old architecture is beautiful and I committed the cardinal sin of not taking photos… assuming I’d be back many times. Alas, no.


In the middle of the three day retreat where young people talked about young people concerns away from adults pushing their concerns on us… we bonded and networked and got to understand the tranquility of nature.

No cell coverage. No WiFi. No anything to distract you. Granted, some brought their own entertainment that eventually got set aside for the laughter and good nature fun of being young in the wild.


The peace and tranquil waters mirrored the sunrise so well… but i was too busy meditating on the beauty to actual take a few photos. and that’s fine with me 🙂

It is during all that good fun that I took a break to step away, take my camera on a hike, and just explore. It was very early in the morning, before everyone else was up, and before the sun rose to full glory.

I took in the sights. Took in the sounds. Took in nature. And was revived and refreshed. Alone with my thoughts… alone to quiet them… alone to just be.

It is not often I get to have such tranquil serenity these days. I’m a dad who needs to figure how to teach my children to enjoy this level of beauty and peace. Away from congestion, horns, pollution, and chaos. Just good old fashioned slow peace.


Sure, I won’t live like this every day. Not my speed. However, knowing there is such an option is beautiful.

Quick fact about Lake Dippikill… it is part of the SUNY Albany campus assets and this is where many of the students go to find an additional break to recharge and refresh. By the standards of where I live, their campus is already in a very quiet place, however, when out on the lake, you understand the rejuvenating power of nature undisturbed.


Should I ever get the invite to go back, I’ll gladly take it. As I’m not an alum of the college, I can’t expect to get top priority to just go and relax on my own there. Nevertheless, this gives me an additional goal for the future… finding places like it where I can just slip away and relax. Those do exist, I just haven’t gone looking for them.

Enjoy the photos… a few of them… from the outing that recharged my energies and got me back on track for the urban concrete jungle rat race of modern living.

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