A Look Ahead

While Spring is giving new life to many and rejuvenating nature, many look ahead towards vacations, parties, time with family, the beach, and having lazy days.

This is the time when the feeling of reward for all the hard work through the winter should pay off and come through big time. However nice as that is, there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind this wonderful Motivational Monday.

A Look Ahead

There is one preacher (no I’m not about to get all woo-woo or religion here… read on) that I’ve heard many times growing up used to enjoy Proverbs 6:6 that states “Look to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!”

That used to be one of his Spring time favorites when admonishing parents to keep their kids focused on productive activities during the summer so they don’t experience any form of brain-rot… or whatever he was calling it.

What is this brain-rot thing?

When students take a break from school during the summer and do absolutely nothing academic but play and have fun, it is noted that the new school year has to spend a few good weeks or months getting them back up to speed before continuing. It’s as if they forgot most of what they learn from lack of use.

About looking ahead

One of the many values I’ve appreciated from that lecture series the preacher gave was the importance of looking ahead to plan for the activities of the future while being strongly rooted in the present.


When planning summer vacations, it’s a wise idea to also plan some productivity. Sure, my folks took it massively seriously and had us doing homework of their own design in the summer. I’m not saying you have to do this yourself.

What I’m saying here is that at the start of your Monday, take a moment to look ahead at your week as well as your day. What is it that you want to accomplish… then set the course to get it done.

With regards to this blog…

While it’s been fun the past three months blogging increasingly more consistently, things have changed in my life. Now it’s time to figure how to keep being consistent with my blogging while looking ahead at the challenges that will come my way.

There will be time when I want to watch television and won’t be able to do so, because I have a blog to plan. There will be times I want to sleep right up to the last second, but can’t, because I have to plan ahead for my children’s activities before they wake up (they are massively consistent early birds)

I also want to write more in terms of themes. That will greatly help me with the fact I write for several blogs… yeah… I know… and grouping things into themes makes it better on creativity. I also want to branch out and test more ideas and make time to take more photos to share more memories here. Plus, I’m enjoying writing fiction quite a lot… and want to resume some of that here.

Looking Ahead.

What will you get done this week? What will you do today that will make you that much more likely to reach your success? What will you focus your sights on that you can learn today that will make a difference for you whole week?

While some are pleased with their Palm Sunday experience and looking forward to their Pass Over heading into Good Friday… others are looking at different things for this week. Whatever you’re thinking of, make sure you put a plan into motion that will help you move successfully towards that goal.

Enjoy the journey and Happy Monday!

I wrote a different version of this post on www.ceosofthehome.com you’re more than welcome to check it out.


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