Constancy of Change

On Thursdays

Usually, on this day, a long post arrives to this blog. Something of substance hopefully, something of value, or something of a cool memory. It’s kind of the way the blog has evolved over the months of writing.

Life however just wants to pull in a different direction. Things constantly changing in life.

Change is a constant that constantly remains

The goal was to get to a point of blogging three times a week on a consistent basis. Now, with more changes happening in my personal world, contemplating every other week a single post is very tempting. However, that’s not my personal commitment to myself. And quite frankly, if I had a larger fan base, I’m sure someone would have held me to the current schedule.

As I adjust to the various realities of my personal life, the demands on my time, and the need to keep the lights on, I’m thinking of slowing my pace down a fraction. Just enough to keep myself creative, give you something to read, and improve on the quality of what you do read.

While this sounds like I might vanish for a bit, rest assured, that’s not the case. Instead of skipping a post today, I figured I’d let you know that I’m adjusting for the pace of change and what it is demanding of me. this is what I also get for writing for several places at once… out of being too excited to uncover my writing passion

Constant is Constantly redefining Constancy

While I have your attention still… might as well push myself to expand my thoughts and make it worth your while to continue reading. It’s only fair.

How one mind sees constant change…

The year started off filled with promises. Filled with hope. Filled with optimism. Then, as the landscape of the news changing faster and faster, and some of us retreating away from the bombardment of updates, a degree of skepticism crept up in the mix.

So much so the considerations of not being able to write came to the front of thought. What if this ever changing life pace is making it impossible to write? What if all this hope was for nothing?

It weighed me down a bit this week. All the momentum built for what? The new set of changes once again threaten to take my passion away from me.


The ever marching constant.


However… another constant of change is…

Unlike other things in life that I’ve put away to adjust for the changes in life, this is not one of them. I’m determined to find a way to adjust to keep up with the demands that constantly change. If one is not flexible and adaptable, then one can’t continue to move with life. The inflexible get left behind.

Life moves at a steady 60 beats per minute. And while that is how humans perceive it, all the changes we can see and experience move along that same time line.

I’ve seen enough time pass to know that if one figures how to adapt, the mind stays sharp, the skills sharpen, the hope remains alive. And. Just. Maybe. One can continue to carry on the passions they’re playing with.

Intelligence defined not really

The ability for anything to adjust and adapt means that something has intelligence. Look at the smart home versus the dumb home. Look at a smart phone versus a dumb phone. Look at how nature adjusts. Those who humans feel have intelligence are given credit of great adaptability by said humans.

So, if I’m to continue this year holding my head up with any optimism, I’ve got to not only believe I am smart enough to change, but also smart enough to get smarter about implementing change.

Meaning… smart people know how to change

Change only happens when one of two conditions are met. 1- nature makes change happen. 2- a person decides to change. Either way, change will happen. Just is a lot smoother when you’re a willing participant in the process of change.

Having smarts means knowing where to get more of said smarts to better adjust and change.

But before I start trying to ramble and sound smart… let me wrap up a bit.

Fair enough conclusion

I’m not going to stop writing. I’m not going to stop living. I just have to look carefully at all my options and make a way so that what I enjoy can continue right along with the obligations that must be met in adult life.

Change is change. It is not always easy. It may not be fun. It doesn’t have to not be fun. But change is inevitable as long as you’re alive.

I’m embracing all the various changes this year is throwing my way. Because ultimately, all things will change, and if I position myself correctly, I will continue to say that it is all good.

If you’re stuck in a rut or in a tough spot and you’re reading this, take heart. At the start of this post, I had total writer’s block. I just made the choice to sit and start typing without editing. And now, at the end of it, I’ve changed my mood enough to see this idea through. Which, in my estimation, must be pretty OK if you’re still reading this… this far.

Last piece of unsolicited advice about constant change

Water will chip away at rocks over a long period of time. That rock will eventually give way to the water and become sand that gets washed away. Whatever you’re striving to achieve in your life today… keep taking these tiny baby steps towards your goal. In time, you’ll get there by out weathering the obstacles in your way (if you weather them out smartly that is)

Be kind to yourself on your journey. Be patient with yourself. Things will keep changing until one moment, it’s your moment.

this blog was meant to cheer me up. Hope it boosted you up in the process

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