All the work done over the winter has to eventually pay off. The seeds planted have to one day bloom. It is one of those laws of nature. One needs to work diligently to have the kind of harvest that makes one smile.

Just keep in mind, even if you’re not diligent and focused, there is a harvest. Usually that harvest is not pretty, because there was no focus to get it pretty. If randomness is sown, then, randomness is reaped. Don’t be surprised by the harvest happening in your life.

Right now, things are blooming. Things are looking pretty. But the work is not over. Spring is here and things are looking sweet. But the temptation to be lazy is now super great. The work looks like it payed off. But stay the course. The fruits of one’s labor has not yet matured. This is just the first glimpse of what is to come. Keep watering and nurturing for the coming harvest.

This Motivational Monday theme, keep up the great work that you’ve started… and let it bear great fruits for you.


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