It’s Work, Not a Wishing Well

The waiting to bloom is one idea that misses the popular vote in our instant gratification world of apps. The work that needs to go into achieving anything is left to the side for the wishing well of luck and entitlement. We want what we want and we want it now. No waiting. No worries about who has to sacrifice to give it to us. We just want it. No thanks necessary.

However, as we have more tech to make things a lot easier, the wonderment comes to mind… are we regressing to being teenagers indefinitely? Is it so hard to face adulthood that many leave the bulk of our reflexive actions in a perpetual state of immaturity?

It is Work. Not a Wishing Well


The early part of this week had a quick post about the blossoming flowers of May. The showers of April fed the seed that now are showing up as flowering plants. Most take the work of that seed for granted. Most take the process of development for granted. It just is. And everyone wants that blooming flower. No one wants to pay.

If it was easy, one of many mentors will tell you, then everyone would do it. That is not entirely correct. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean everyone will do it. It just means that more motivated folks will have less issue doing the easy work, so it because a crowded place of average folks trying to get that quick win.

By the way, nothing wrong with a quick win every now and again to kick start a trend of success. Even in the middle of pushing for progress, a quick win every now and again is very helpful.

However, to get to the higher levels of success, the higher levels of recognition, the higher levels of gratification,it’s all about putting work over a period of time… consistently.

Example… please

The good folks of social media make it very easy to get on and share a photo. Even share a quick word or two about the photo. Almost anyone can do this. Almost anyone can become social media famous. So much so that billions of people get on regularly and share a photo and write a word… hoping to get social famous.

However, as easy as it is, wishing to get social famous is not going to get you there. Doing the minimum is not going to get you there. A singular photo from a forward facing camera is not going to get you there through the chaos and noise of billions of people posting many selfies.

The work of being digitally friendly has to be rock solid. The work of connecting to other influencing people is necessary. Learning about the algorithms is important, understanding trends, taking higher quality photos that evoke emotions, having a good photographer with good gear, knowing when to post, what to hashtag, and a whole host of other skills need to come into play. And this is only scratching the surface of the work.

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