In the face of change 2

The choice to act in the face of change is one that many are not aware they have. Life changes all the time and how we opt to react to it is our choice. In part one of this concept, it was all about owning the choice of how we feel and react to the various changes that happens.

Today, in this portion of the post, a deeper dive into the choice and change one has. It is easy to focus on how one feels and get lost in the feelings. Often times, one can feel badly about a situation and find it good to dwell on the feelings. Those who keep a sharp focus on what goals they have know that it’s important to move past the down moments and live with purpose to get to the destination.

The one area one can change the easiest is the mindset. Let me just qualify this… just because it is the easiest does not mean it is easy at all. In fact it is pretty hard to change one’s self.

Everyone is born with a personality. That really doesn’t change much throughout life. Sure it matures and solidifies as one grows up, but your personality is your personality.

What one can change is the habits one has. The sum of all your habits is your character. That is changeable. Of course, the less habits one has, the easier it is to change. That is why one has to train up a child while they’re young… that way when they’re older, they will stay the course.

But, see, it’s all about the mindset. There are two really. And the one you use will make all the difference. slightly over simplified

Fixed Mindset

Those who hold a fixed mindset feel that they are who they are and that is that. You’ve got to accept them for who they are. They’re not changing. They don’t believe they can change. And sadly, because they believe so, so it is.

Having a fixed mindset is only good if the world you live in is fixed. While that is true for some, it is not true for all. The world is ever changing for the vast majority of us. Especially in the first/western world.

The commercial caption that says “you either lead, follow, or get out of the way” rings true here. People either follow you because your fixed ways work well… they impose that you follow (think laws, limits)… or you’re left behind as you’re shuffled out of the way.

Growth Mindset

That’s a fancy way to say that you believe you can change. You believe you can learn. You believe you can adjust. People who have that mindset seem to always keep up with the pace of whatever is going on. Just think of that grandma who is as savvy on her iPhone as her grandson. That lady understands that she can learn and master new things. How else could she keep up with her grandson?

Having the understanding that you can adjust is huge. If your personality is to yell in the face of people who do stupid things, you can build the habit of restraint so that you don’t instinctively yell in the face of someone doing something stupid every single time they do that. Might just save your job/life/well being. Some folks are crazy and will taunt you to yell at them so they have an excuse to fight you. But I digress.

About Change

Change is totally inevitable. It will happen. Just like time keeps marching forward. When facing changes, ask yourself what mindset are you using… and if that one isn’t working for you, find one that does.

Living in fear and limits only works but so much. Sometimes one has to live in courage and adventure to get to the next level. Especially if you’ve trained your camera’s eyes on a brighter future, you’ve got to adjust the zoom as you walk towards your goals to keep the image in focus.

Just because you change your mindset doesn’t mean you can’t change it back ever. Most opt not to, but some do. You can. It is your mind. Just don’t resist changing it out of fear… that will prevent you from reaching your goals. Once you’ve gotten to your destination, feel free to change that mindset back if it so suits you.

And that’s the key. What mindset suits you? to get a little woo-woo and meta… the mindset you have greatly influences the mindsets you can see that you should try on…but that’s for another time

Don’t underestimate the value of good solid qualified advice to help you see different perspectives. Those will help you find better mindsets. And in time, you’ll be able to weather the change like a champ.

Keep the mind flexible and nimble. Nothing in life is ever fixed. Change accordingly to get the necessary results. note Keeping true to yourself does not mean you can’t change your mindset. Your true self is built on your personality and your core beliefs. The mindsets you change will be done so to serve the goals your personality and core beliefs hold. That is how success happens in the face of change

Phrased differently, the ability to keep your core values fixed and your personality relatively fixed while having a growth mindset is the trifecta of facing change.

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