The Social Factor

The Social Case of Belief


When it comes to holding your beliefs in check, one has to both lead and follow key people. Beliefs are best fine tuned when tested. Sharing your ideas and having conversations around your ideas can often shape your ideas.

While actively looking for people to network with to share your belief system, it is also good to understand it from the angle of building your own tribe. When friendship building is viewed from the lens of building a tribe, it makes a bit more sense.

A photographer who wants to be ok will talk to ok photographers and practice ok techniques. One who wants to be a great photographer will invest time to learn the art, will share that knowledge with others who want to get great, will seek the company of those who are already great, will challenge and be challenged by those who are great. This photographer will not stop at just being good enough.

Using social support and pressure positively will help the photographer improve the craft. Teaching others what they know will help sharpen the understanding of the skills and quickly expose the weaknesses that needs to be improved.

Bottom Line


People are social beings. There is always a social factor to consider. Having a great awesome week requires having the belief that you can and will have a great week. It also benefits from the support of others who will hold you accountable and assist you in having a great week. This inevitably means having leadership qualities to inform and direct the others on how to best support and help you along the way. It also means having the fortitude of character to avoid those who will drag your week down, distract you from your goals, influence you to settle for lesser goals, or just block your efforts of achieving a great week.

It is very simplistic a view to write in a blog post. It is wickedly easy to whip up cool sounding soundbites. Ultimately, the work of doing great is really work. Work with all the grind that comes with it. To be awesome you have to strive to be awesome. Coasting and backsliding is easy. Navigating the currents and pressing upward is where the few trod and reap all the benefits.

Note: The accounting of “luck” is not being touched in this post. The reality is this, some folks have won the life lotto and enjoy favorable circumstance. Others can have all the capability but no opportunity to have a chance. Those extremes aside, everyone has the opportunity to make the best of the current situation they have. Everyone can incrementally improve. Everyone can resist influences they don’t want to have become part of their belief system.

For this Motivational Monday, go make the best of your circumstances and have the greatest week you can possibly have.

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