Outpace the nays

If people doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore

According to the web, the above quote is attributed to Michelle Ruiz

Outpace the Nays

Two Points:

First, be sure and confident that your destination is the one you’re to go to. No point going all out against all odds only to find out it’s the wrong place. Of course, you can’t always know in advance, so be prepared to pivot along your journey.

Second, don’t go at your life’s work half baked. Go hard or don’t bother. In other words, take pride in what you do. Go at a higher standard. Go confidently. Go bravely. And make sure you give it your all out best. In the end, you’re the one living with the blessings of doing your best work.


Some cultures and families do not subscribe to the pursuit of individualism. This does not mean the motivation behind doing your best does not apply.  Even in that context, being your best self is going to help your community.

Motivational Monday Thought

The ultimate responsibility for your actions rests on your shoulders. People will have their agenda for you and your life. Many would prefer you stay average so that they don’t feel uncomfortable about their choice to be average.  Many will cast doubt on your dreams and your ability to reach them as they have their own doubt about their own dreams (assuming they even took the time to even have a dream).

This is why it is important to go at your pursuit with all that you have. At some point, you’ll have gained enough distance of success that they won’t be a factor in holding you back anymore. Some times, they’ll even be the voices cheering your success. Most times, they would have given up on doubting you loudly enough for you to hear them. Ideally, you’d have outpaced them enough that it doesn’t matter at all.

This Monday, go about your life’s purpose with vigor. With tenacity. With hope. With optimism. With intelligence. With conviction. In time, the nay-sayers will be too far behind for you to even hear them saying you can’t do what you’re doing well.

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