A New Focus in Sight

It’s that time of year again. For some, it’s already on the way, for others it will be shortly. The whole Back to School season.

Every parent knows that it’s a ramp up season with a new focus in sight. The games are over, the study comes back on. It’s when cooler weather arrives and refreshing of old math skills have to come into their own.

A New Focus in Sight


Most students know that the school year marks new challenges, new friends, new teachers, new skills. This also means reconnecting with old friends, slightly rusty old habits, and an old day consuming classroom routine.

Even those without children or school on their agenda see the difference come school year. The traffic picks up enormously, the beach going dwindles quickly, and late loud music playing has to come to a standstill.

There is a New Focus in Sight. The focus on growing as a person. The science of teaching a coming generation the necessary skills to sustain themselves.

Say what you will about the quality of an education, in the end, it shifts the focus of an entire society.

Old Habits, New Focus

Most post-academic years have been filled with the pursuit of the dream of every adult; having enough to be comfortable with the life of choice. While this pursuit is never ending, there are two times of the year when this focus gets a shot of adrenaline.

New Year’s Day and Back to School

The back to school season just brings about fond memories of challenging one’s self to learn more, do more, be more. Every school year was an exciting transition. The feeling has not gone away after x amount of years out from school.

Unlike back then, when the focus was just about my education, today it’s about that of the generation after me… my kids. Giving them the best opportunities, skills, tools, and options.

Every Fall, the question of progress on the year’s goals comes up. The question of growth and personal ambition comes up. This year is no exception to this. The focus is around my writing and blogging while being a great parent.

the goal is to be a great parent at all times without giving up the hobbies and interests that allows me to be great… keep in mind that the definition of great keeps adjusting itself further out the closer I get

What’s new?

The time of playing and enjoying has changed. Now it’s a priority on learning before play. The kiddies need to understand that sense of pride in doing a great job in school. They also need to see this modeled for them. That means, some of the work once done while they were asleep… now needs to be done such a way to model the discipline of study.

For those who have young children, you can definitely appreciate the struggle that comes with one child in grade school and another still in full-time play mode.

Teamwork to make the Dream work

I am convinced more than ever that priority setting is key here. Not priorities. Just one. What is the one thing that will get the attention for the day. Then, working with my wife, figure it out so that the kids get what they need done each day to keep their learning journey smooth.

Summer was great because there was time to try out many different interests. School year is about having a fun learning experience. Well, that’s the way I see it anyway… you’re free to disagree.

Motivational Monday

As this Labor Day gives everyone one last pause before the school year kicks into high gear, take a moment to plan out the focus for the week. The approach that is needed to make that new school year a good thing.

This includes those without children who will be affected by the increased commute times due to all the school related activities.

Do you have to plan extra drive time, extra mass transit time, extra items from iTunes, extra supplies for the kids? What must you do today to ensure the week is a great one?

New school year always meant a new chance to learn new skills. For this blog, that means a few changes and lots of experimentation to make the place a better one for the reader. That means spending/investing time to learn more about the art of blogging and storytelling. This means spending more time self-teaching as well as seeking advice to apply to the art.

All of this new stuff to learn while reviewing the school’s curriculum for the kids… so that I can Google things in advance on my lunch break… so I can talk intelligently to my child about homework. Nothing like a child telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing because you’ve not done math the way they’re teaching it today. Yeah, lots of schooling ahead for me to help school the little ones.

The winning attitude

I’m excited. I really am. I love the Fall transition. I’ve always been able to kick off new projects, new health goals, new learnings, and new focus in the Fall. The whole dead of Winter New Year thing is hard. But Fall… bring it on!

What’s your winning attitude for this Back to School season? What’s your New Focus in Sight?

Plan it. Activate the Plan. Tweak the Plan. And Win the Plan! Rinse and repeat as often as necessary

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