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Motivational Monday Thought

The brain likes to think in pictures. That’s why the whole vision board and Pinterest works so well. The ability to hold an image that coveys entire messages feels natural to the mind. That’s why the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is a potent cliche.

When a question is raised to the brain/mind, it pulls up the necessary image to visualize the question then looks for a suitable answer to the question. Because the mind is powerful, it will make and seek connections that addresses the question or thought that preoccupies it. (gross over-simplification for illustrative purposes)

When the word cozy is said… what comes to your mind? Feel free to answer in the comments below. Each person has a picture that comes to mind. The more detailed-rich the photo, the more cozy that photo feels. Even to the point of getting in the position of comfort that feels cozy (I can picture a few loyal readers adjusting themselves on their couches as they read this on their iPad)

Modern Day Vision Board

Sure, we have the web and apps to capture images, but like old times, it’s just a story being told to oneself. The mind knows when it is being lied to.

“I see myself thin on the beach next summer”

Yeah. I never say that because I know that won’t be true. Not because it is not a good affirmation but because I know I have no plans to get thin by next summer. I have way too many other priorities I want to reach first.

Modern Day Vision Boarding has to be realistic in order for them to work. In the example given, I’d have to adjust my plans, get a trainer, go to the gym, then… that photo-shopped thin version of me makes sense on that vision board.

The other thing about the mind, it cherishes experiences. Want to feel like a success, dress like one. Speak like one. Associate with those who are. The more senses are pulled into the experience, the more believable it becomes, the easier it is to plan to get.

One online guru once said something like this…

“If you want to own an expensive car, first set the plan to get one. Then, put a budget in place and actually keep it to get that car. Then, post a photo of that car on your wall (digital and actual wall), with all the trimmings you want. But that is not enough. Go out to the dealership, figure how the financing will work, how the car will feel, even test drive it a few times. Clear space in the garage for it. By making the experiences feel real, the mind will find solutions to help you keep your goals to get the car in the (reasonably) alloted time to get it. The work is the key to making the vision reality.”

Yes. I paraphrased the audio version of their response. Condensing many minutes of audio to the above quote.

So this Motivational Monday, what is it that you want in your life that’s missing? What will you do to get it? How will you go about getting there? What does it feel like to have it? When will you have it? How much of it can you start experiencing now?

Don’t just dream a dream. Put a plan behind the dream and go get it done. That’s essentially the way faith works. You have a dream, you work a plan, and in time, you get the results.

Have a great week that is in line with your dreams. Better yet, as one of the people I follow on social media would say…. Have a great week on purpose!

P.S. the main reason why these vision boards work, it makes it easier to identify what to say no to… so you have more time to say yes to the right things… that’s the secret! Just don’t keep it to yourself… share the post and the wisdom with anyone you think can benefit 🙂


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