Cornered in a box

Motivational Thought of the Day

The stock market has steadily increased across time. Never has it been a steady long straight rise. There are many ups and many downs. A few upward spikes and downward correctional dives. However, over a life time, the stock market as always increased.

Look at it the same for your dreams, goals, and aspirations. There will be setbacks. There will be times when you’re running lean and fully boxed in. But those days will pass. You will rise up again. More accurately, the opportunity to rise up again will come and go. The question is… will you rise with the tide when it comes in?

My writing has been my primary focus this year. I want to learn the art of writing. I’ve so much still to learn. However, the year will soon end. I will have learned all I can learn in the allowed time. Next year is a different focus. I have to learn how to market my writing. How to find followers. How to get people excited about what I have. But I will worry about that then. As this is not yet the time.

Break your big goals into steps. Break them down into realistic steps. Then. Climb them daily. Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly. Yearly. In time, you’ll get to the top.

one more quick note: The top is not promised to look any one given way. The journey is the process that colors and influence the nature of the top. Don’t worry too much about the top. Build the steps such that no matter where the top ends up being, your staircase has adjusted and brought you safely there. In my case for this one life long dream, it will be a book. You’ll have to wait and see how that book plays out though.

In a manner of speaking, the best way to deal with being cornered in a box is to steadily work smartly to get out of said box. Without being smart about it, one can easily remain boxed in for a long time. Fortunately, life happens. Time moves on. Opportunity knocks. One needs not stay cornered in a box forever.

Go out and make it a great day on purpose!

P.S. a different take of this post is shared on CEOs of the Home – written for an event I recently spoke at Jordan River SDA Church

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