By Design

Enough about me. This lady, by God’s design, has blossomed massively. Currently making significant contributions in the health industry by means of her illustrious nursing career, many can attribute their success and their health directly to her work.

Not only does her name have many initials behind it, her virtual presence has changed the lives of countless number of women online who needed encouraging words during their difficult times of life. Her message has touched lives and generations to come. She’s still making massive impact on lives she may never get to know directly.

If you’re looking to get into, successfully study, and confidently transition into nursing, you have to check out her out. Her and her sister actually. Sure, you’ll get way more value along the way, but this is just a brief intro into what they do


While she’s out there crushing it and making big waves, she takes the time to check in on me and see that I’m not giving up on myself. You have no idea how amazing that is to know that a digital rock star and superb human has time for someone like me.

For the record… everyone has someone who thinks the world of them. Take time to be nice and reach out to people you know look up to you… depend on you… love you… care about you. You never know the impact of that touch or comment. It can be life changing

For those who doubt that… let me put it this way. Had she not taken on the role of mentor seriously… I would never have tried to blog. I would not have kept blogging. I would not have kept trying to improve. I wouldn’t be on my way to publish my first book. I would not be contemplating increasing my online presence with my talents (yes… I’m still at the infancy level of my dreams)

But I digress.

Co-Founder of an amazing fast growth company, she and her sister are blazing massive trails of innovation and disruption of industry. The sky is the limit with these sisters.

For this site, I took the liberty of tapping into the pictorial essay I did of her graduation day to represent a significant milestone of hers. The day she took off and accelerated her path to success by exponential magnitudes of factors. Yeah… those pictures… of her celebration post graduation from college. That era. That time..

I’ve called this lady my sister. She’s only one of very very few who have ever gotten that title. (yeah… they made that happen… but that’s private data) And each of them has done beyond expectations and is a rock star in their own rights. Her sister being one of the super few, I had to take the time to embarrass her… because that is what big brothers do.

By Godzdesign


That may look like a typo. But it is not. That has been her logo, her handle, her motto, her prime directive. She strongly believes that we are all supposed to be awesome because that is the way God designed us to be.

I happen to agree.

We can not settle for mediocre. We can not settle for failure. We can not settle for average. We are born for greatness. Her life’s work is a huge testimony to the reality that greatness can be reached. I’ll add… reached in stepwise fashion.

As impressive as her short life on this planet has been, I can’t wait to see what will come her way. All of her tears, all of her pain, all of her struggles, all of her fights, all of her joys and successes, all combined to make her the person she is today.

An accomplished musician, skilled nurse, fabulous administrator, inspirational educator, talented vocalist, bright conductor, fierce entrepreneur, brand ambassador, humble friend and daughter, positive influencer, attentive listener, success by God’s design.

I’m honored to share this post for the world to understand, this movement is not by accident. It is by God’s design. Be prepared to see this legend do exceedingly abundantly in all that she endeavors to do.

I love you sis!

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A couple of links for your reading and educational pleasure

Blog Posts

Here are the original blog posts I made that was inspired by this young lady.

  • Designed by God - Sharing a few photos from a graduation celebration from the past. So proud of this young lady as she continues to rise in influence, prominence, and blessings
  • By Design - There are people who push you to grow outside your comfort zone. She was supposed to be my student, but she ended up being a teacher and inspiration. Saying thank you!! Big time shout out post. Love this girl!

Event: By God’s Design – graduation celebration

Enjoy the links to the photos of her graduation celebration – and don’t worry, after she finishes with me, I will be better for it!

(there is a preview of the post followed by more links)

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Plus, all the links to all the homes she has online that I can find… that is publicly available of course.

She’s on Twitter at  where she shares her positive message.

Her Instagram profile is

The two life-saving(nurses) sisters who co-founded their own business on their way to building their empire

She’s on Youtube with teaching and inspiring at

Her flourishing business is located at which not only impressed me… but was yet another lesson to digest on my way to doing what I want to do online. These gals are total professionals. I never stop marveling at their journey. But, fandom aside, seriously, go check them out.

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