Random Testing

Sometimes, the only way to learn is to actually try things and hear what people think. So, today, this quick post is to test out a new lesson in blogging I want to implement down the road.

Instead of a long post… this one is just a short one.

I deleted all the failed attempts at writing in columns. It was a total and epic failure. Suffice it to say… the way things are… I am happy to have learned from such frustration.

Below.. is the results. I will be studying this in details later… so I know how to incorporate this into future posts (the ones that I want to have done in columns anyway)


I have a ton more to learn! You can do it too if you want. You can figure out what you don’t know. I did… and will continue to do so.

Do let me know in the comment area what you think. (if you don’t see your comment, don’t worry, I see it. I will gladly approve… and reply… and you’ll see both show up just the way the blog is currently setup)

Thank you again for staying with me on this learning adventure. More to come soon.

Can this really be that simple….
After all these tests
The same code I was typing and failed with…
Just copy it off a site… and presto?!?!

Just copy and past the code
and that is it…
just copy and past the code!?!
That’s all it was. Copy and paste.
Now to actually understand what I was doing wrong
So that I can write the code correctly in my workflow
So I can keep my creative system intact… le sigh

A little poetry… to feel better with… lol

They danced to the beat, it was super sweet
All in even time, it was perfectly squared
A dip here and a trot there, they flowed
Without much of a care, they mesmerized and revelled
The onlookers were treated to their fair share
Enticed to try their own if they dared
The set was perfectly met with applauses
Before long, in the interest of time, they were done

With a pickup of tempo and a change in key
The band moved to a different time signature
Moving now with a different gate
The slipped into a tango
Neither would let go
As it was all set to blow
They moved and grooved
It was, after all, for the both to grow
In the interest of time
None would go so low to mess with the flow

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