New Quarter New Hopes New Season

Happy Monday everyone. Mother Nature is sending us plenty of snow, rain, and wind today. The start of a new month and new quarter brings about a feeling of new hope and possibilities.

Winter may still be holding Spring hostage, but the extra sunlight makes for a more optimistic vibe in the air.

Last quarter, the goal was to reach 100k words of blogging (across all the sites I write on). Little did I know that working on a book would help me reach that goal faster than expected. I had not counted on so many life events getting in the way of writing.

I’ve reached 197k words for the quarter. Way more than expected. Has me feeling very optimistic for this new quarter. The only thing that’s changed, I’ve got a clearer focus on where I’d like my writing to go this time around. However, I have a lot more off-line time constraints this quarter.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping, pushing, wanting, planning on being better at writing. Plus, moving the goals of the year along as planned.

Motivational Monday

This week starts a new chapter, a new quarter. Consider it like a new lease on your goals. A new chance to start fresh. Many have fallen off their New Year’s Resolutions. But not all. Look at this week as a refresher to get the ball rolling in the direction you’d like.

Sending you plenty of encouragement. Plenty of positive vibes. The weather outside may be frightful… and while nature let’s it snow… warm up your inner sunshine and make this week awesome!

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