Looking Ahead to Love

Debatable results

The shoot was a lot more fun than CV expected. They laughed. They looked ahead to their projects and dreams. Turns out that this photographer was looking ahead to love as well. He had a relationship that was heating up and he was starting to plan for his future as a husband much like she was planning for a future as a wife.

It was very refreshing to find another person planning ahead to ensure their own success. CV was impressed to find out that some of her calculations about the future were very similar to the photographer’s calculations. Most of his friends didn’t feel it was necessary to plan so much… much like her friends thought she was over-thinking things.

The conversation took so much interest that the shoot didn’t feel like much of a shoot. CV enjoyed feeling so relaxed in front of the camera. Not that she had a problem with being photographed, she couldn’t get enough of the camera. Work, school, life was in the way. Granted, there were no current aspirations of becoming a professional model.

The preview of the photos impressed CV. She was a bit perplexed as to why the photographer looked so dejected at his work. They were good photos. Yet, he was disappointed. CV worried that she had let him down but he assured her that it was the other way around.


He had let her down. He was so distracted by their chat that he was too hasty with his compositions for the photos. There was too many blurred shots, several poorly focused ones, and many were not well white-balanced.

This was all Greek to CV. If this is how hard her buddy got about missing the perfect shot, what would his perfect shots look like? This probably was a good thing for her, because he was already talking about scheduling a proper shoot with her.

Nothing CV said could cheer up her friend. He was not pleased with his photos and had apologized a few too many times about it. They both agreed to disagree about the quality of the work. Turning the conversation back to the topic of romance, they finished their session talking about their romantic plans.

With a brighter note coloring the closing moments, they parted ways eager to find the arms of their significant other. The excitement about the photo session would lead to some lovely chats between the two sets of couples.

Magical Moments

As CV looked over the photos that were emailed, she smiled. There were some really good shots in the mix. The photographer had not kept his bad shots to himself. He had placed a long explanation about how horrible her had done her unintentionally… but wanted her to see what he had done and hoped to get a second chance.

CV laughed. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has a bad day. No one was harmed. Her photographer was just as hard on himself as she was on herself. Perfection was so important yet so elusive.

What seemed like bad photos to an expert passed for decent by most people’s standards. While the photos with imperfections were the ones most people would want to share on their social media, the ones that looked perfect were the types that would fit into a fashion magazine. The photographer made her look like a model showing off her heels and bags… just the pops of color she wanted to emphasize.

If this is how he made her look with minimal color, CV was now growing excited to see what he would do when she was dressed up in color and he had time to take a proper photo shoot.


Taking the photos CV had taken with the lovely dog in the park, she sent those to her boyfriend right away. He was a dog person as much as she was. Those would make his day. The so called horrible photos would not get shared, out of respect for her friend’s wishes.

Besides looking ahead to love, CV now was looking forward to her proper photo session. She was eager to see what her friend had learned and would do with her the next time they met. Maybe there would be some magical moments where her love for her boyfriend would be caught on film… giving him something to look forward to.

The End

This fictional story was based of an actual photo session that the author totally bombed. Sure, it was a test of sorts… but yeah… didn’t do great at all. Sharing this reality so that people know that photographers have bad days… days in which they do not look like they know what they’re doing. These photos rarely get talked about or shared. Granted, the top professionals have very few such bad days… but no one is spared from such bad days… no matter how much you love your craft

Images shared are from the actual shoot… with permission from the model. Do be kind… as this is not my best work. Thanks. (even though these were taken in my early days of photography… I occasionally have bad luck days today too)

More images from the shoot on the last page

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