It’s the back to school rush

With a new school year kicking off, it’s time to wish the new students a great new academic year. May their journey prove fruitful, mind expanding, and life enriching.

It’s the back to school rush

Growing up, it was a lot of excitement to look forward to. Back to school. The shopping for new things, the joy of meeting up with old friends, the nerves of making new friends. Everything felt new and possible.

Today, while commuting into work, the idea was a bit different. Back to school means more traffic, more crowded trains, more disruptions to the routine.

As a parent, more worries about balancing work and life, more worries about how to help with homework, the volume of homework, deadlines, and all the support that goes on behind the scenes of a child’s education.

What may have worked for my generation is not necessarily going to work for the next. School is a new ‘rush’ that I’ve got to get used to. With each new year, the academic journey gets more involved.

Every Little Adjustment Counts

As far as my balancing writing with school… more time is going to be spent helping with homework than planning new blog posts. That’s just the reality of it. Given the career path I’m on, this means a lot of careful management of the quality time I do have.

Dear readers, this is not an announcement of a drought of posts. Not at all. Just a jotting down of the reality that calls for more growth.

That’s really what a new school year means. Adjusting to new challenges and gaining mastery. The constant evolution of the human spirit.

I briefly shared on social media, recently, how I use a paper calendar to assist in strategic content creation. Now more than ever, this calendar approach has to step up to include all the moving pieces of my fatherhood.

While it is unromantic to say, the only way to keep romance alive and well with increased responsibilities, is to increase the judicious use of a calendar. Without it, things get left off the plate… your leading lady should never ever fall off any plate you’re spinning either.

An old time favorite

The thing about Fall… the changing of the temperature… and back to school… it’s the memory of starting something new, exciting, and fresh.

That habit has stuck with me. This year, I’m thinking hard about what new habit I want to tack on to the start of school. The one that’s served me plenty… writing… is not going away. In addition to being more consistent, one of the new goals for this year is to gain more visibility with this blog. Learning how to leverage social media and optimizing my posts to be seen by search engines is part of this new goal.

It would be nice to hear your thoughts about the new school year and what it prompts you to want to do/improve/try this scholastic year.

For the record, I’m not a student in the classical sense, but as a student of life, it’s good to try new things. What are you going to try new this Fall?

Motivational Monday

It goes without saying, be safe on the roads. There are way more children out there waiting for the school buses… or crossing about streets.

Each Monday is a new beginning for the pursuit of your dreams. Each season is another opportunity to learn something new. This Fall, what will be your next chapter in the chose of your dreams? What knew knowledge and skills will you add to the mix to ensure your success?

Feel free to share below your thoughts… and thanks in advance.

Until next time, keep on sharpening your focus with new skills that will move you closer to your goals and dreams


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