During the holiday season, wishing everyone well

Leading up to this holiday season has been a magnificent run of blog posts. I had the goal of creating more than one post a week, just to see if I could. And I did. What a juggling act that was! I’m glad I did this little experiment.

Now, the holidays are on us, and life just keeps getting more fascinating. This of course, means another round of adjustments, and a tiny bit of slowing down on the blog… the part you see anyway.

During the holiday season, wishing everyone well

I am wishing everyone a great and wonderful holiday season. The season of reviewing a year’s progress, connecting with family, showing gratitude for all that’s been done, and gearing up for the new year.

I hope everyone is healthy, well, and grateful for being alive and well. For those who aren’t feeling 100%, sending you positivity on your journey of recovery.

What I’ve learned so far

I’ve started a blog audit to figure out what’s working and what’s not. While analytics aren’t that serious for me at present, I do want to know what readers seem to enjoy. Based on those results, there will be some small changes coming in the new year.

I’ve already done away with certain sections of the blog that get no traffic. I’ve started changing how I tell stories on the blog. People seem to like stories way more than motivational posts. Plus, looks into how I do blogging seem to appeal to readers a bit more. So, there will be more of what readers like.

I also realize that I create far more content than I give myself credit for. That’s good and bad. Good because I learned how to produce more, but bad because I have to really get better at editing a lot more content. I don’t like the mistakes I’ve found so far.

Mixing the photos I’ve done with stories I’m creating is very fun for me. So, if you don’t like those… I’m sorry to inform you, there will be more of that in the future as well. I’ve also discovered that poetry is pretty cool to create… once you allow yourself room to create it.

Challenges coming

The biggest worry I have… is getting on a roll of creation and then having to pause and go away unexpectedly without letting my readers know what’s going on. It feels wrong and very unprofessional. Alas, as a dad with a day job, this may happen… especially when the flu visits the house. I aim to not have readers miss a single habitual post in the future, but can’t yet promise that. I’ve got plans that should eventually prevent a missed week for any of the posts I do.

Now that I’ve gotten comfortable with blogging, one of the long term goals I’ve always had… was to create a series that would be helpful to someone. Like an educational series. Of course, the plan is to do this without interfering with the regularly planned postings fans have gotten used to.

If anyone has an idea of what they’d like to see me develop as a series here, please leave a comment below. Will help me select one that will actually interest you.

Motivational Monday Wishes

I’ve aimed to push people to feel motivated to kick off a week on a positive note. A great start counts for a lot. Today, keeping one’s momentum up is just as important.

Working to the close of a set of goals is just as vital to keeping one’s mood up. When we’re able to reach goals and celebrate them, it gives us the confidence to try other new goals.

You’ve stuck with me this year. I’m so happy about that. Some gave up on me, and that’s ok. I’m not for everyone. A lesson that took a long time to learn. For those sticking around, I hope to give you better to read in the new year.

Happy Holidays!!!

Keep your lens well focused as you navigate through life’s lessons. I’ll be back in the new year. There are still some scheduled posts coming each week through the new year… so stay tuned for those.

Whatever your plans, enjoy them safely, thanks for the likes and encouragements! Really made a huge difference in keeping me focused on what you like to read. Cheers!


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