A close up photo inspires some poetry

Taking a few words from social media that were inspired by the pictures done of Lady Cena

A close up photo inspires some poetry

Every now and again, a little poetry strikes the mind… especially when inspired by a great photo. Thanks to Lady Cena, these words of poetry needs to be stored on the blog for safe keeping. Enjoy.

Upon Closer Examination

When a person examines the beauty of a lady…
They soon discover that her charm and grace is fueled by a passionate heart

To feel the tide of sentiments she possesses
Is to understand the processes of life and love

Her heart wants to bring about life and happiness
Even at the sacrifice of herself

She ponders how to improve the lives of those she loves
She worries even when told not to

Yet, her pain is always well hidden behind a smile
She wears it like a crown

No one sees the cost of her fashion or beauty…
As a queen never reveals her secrets

To get up close and personal is to get inspired and motivated
She’s strong enough to not be bothered by those lesser trivialities of jealousy
But humble enough to stand vigilant against the vagaries of daily living

Watchful Eyes

Quietly. Softly. Prayerfully
She watched and took notes
She knew of his heart before he even knew he was drawn to her

Smiling subtly… not revealing much…
She let his posture quicken her heart
The way he moved. The authority fueling his confidence.

His gentleness.
Manners in humbleness.

She understood what few could see
She made the choice before the offer was made

Yet. Quietly. Thoughtfully.
She made him work for it sufficiently

Eventually… their eyes connected
She smiled lightly as her eyes drank his awkward attempt to veil his blushing distractedness

Hunger, constrained of course, spoke the language of need
Civility touched the social discourse of formal introductions

Gentlemanly grace wooed her affection with the language of love
All of this… wouldn’t have been… had her gaze not started heavenward before landing on her knight

Good thing his eyes had followed the same path too

Only those who dare get close enough
Can understand the vast libraries of messages
Communicated through steady gazes

For the rest of us mortals… we just admire the sunglasses…
As we aren’t the intended audiences… for her love filled eyes

Here is the post that inspired the poetry shared above. At the end will be the actual social medial posts from Instagram. Thank you for clicking like and sharing this post with others. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  • Get Close… Up Close - Lady Cena shines her best up close and person when the photo editing crops out the noisy background The only way to let a lady shine with her hats... up close

Enjoy the photos that inspired the poetry you’ve read above 🙂

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