200th Blog Post

Congrats!!! Most of you have been around for 200 posts on this blog. This doesn’t include some of the gallery attempts, project attempts, and other experiments. But, wow! 200 posts already!!

Can you believe it, 200 posts

I was amazed when I took a look at my stats and found out I was at 200 posts. It crept up on me fast.

Thankful for the followers I have so far and super grateful that you visit this place on a regular basis. Without you, the extra motivation to keep posting would have faded a little.

I enjoy writing, but something in me enjoys knowing that what I created means something to someone else. I’ve not given up on my other passions nor am I fully retired from photography. Just being a dad with a career has me being ultra selective of the projects I take on.

I’m excited to go another 200 post.

Some milestones

Over the course of the five or so years of blogging, I’ve gone from barely writing anything to nearly posting every week. Some weeks, I’ve gotten to several posts.

From writing timidly about past memories as a photographer to doing poetry and attempting a book, this has been a beautiful journey.

This blog gave ideas that warranted testing. These tests led to the birth of other blogs. Now, I’m pushing to include some of my other hobbies into the blogging part of my life. There are plans to expand my story telling this year.

That book that never got completed, yeah, I want to give it another go.

It’s been a sweet ride so far and I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made through this blog… and social media linked to this blog.

Cheers to the next hundred plus

I’m happy to say, I’ve got no plans to stop writing. I like it. I just want to get better at it and give you more of what you enjoy reading while exploring more of what I like to write.

My private struggle with being an introvert is starting to go my way. I’m getting more comfortable using the first person and speaking my own thoughts. (key word is starting… with no plans on stopping… lol)

Had I not stayed with it, this blog would have closed in year two with less than a dozen posts.

I can’t wait to share some updates about what I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Small little tweaks, but they’re adding up.

Thank you once more for reading my thoughts, sharing them on your social media, and keeping me encouraged with your likes and shares… as well as comments. Those are really amazing!

See you at the next goal post!


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