Should I start new resolutions or keep the ones from last year

Many people have similar resolutions at the start of a year. Be healthier. Be slimmer. Be wealthier. Be better. Be more successful. Be happier.

The kind of feel good sound good stuff. Some of it is a bit of fluff. But most of it is just what is expected to be said around the new year.

For me, that’s for the birds. Sure, I do want to be healthier. I need to be, but I’m not in a place where I can seriously commit to the work required to be so. Not that I’m not working on that, but it’s not the number one thing I’m throwing all my energy into.

Therefore, I’m not making being healthier a goal or resolution. It is, however, an ongoing lifestyle concern, for those who think I’m not addressing my health at all.

for the record I’ve not had a New Year’s Resolution in decades now. Gasp. Why? I hate disappointing myself each and every single year. However, ever since I stopped doing resolutions, things have been improving… as I do have goals and ambitions… they just don’t all start in January.

Instead, I have ongoing projects that get various levels of attention year to year.

Should I start new resolutions or keep the ones from last year?

In my case, I’m keeping the one from last year. “Do not make any new year’s resolutions”. And that’s been working super great for years now.

That said, I do have plans that I make for each year. I have goals for each year. I have desires and objectives that I work on each year. They’re just not limited to one year.

In fact, the current set of goals is the complete the blog audit I started in 2018. It’s not done because it turned out to be much bigger a project than expected. I’m not dropping it because the year is past. I’m keeping it going until it’s completed.

It’s OK to have multi-year goals. It’s OK to carry them into the following year. I’ve learned from watching a lot of successful people… they have goals planned well before the new year starts. They start planning for their coming success months before a calendar year changes.

One person told me they plan their following year before the fourth quarter of every year… just to be sure the holidays don’t derail their plans. I’m hoping to get on that level asap. (if one can say I have a resolution… this would be it… planning my following year before the start of Q4 of this year)

What am I keeping from last year… what should I keep from last year

I recommend people keep the goals and aspirations that make them happy and their best selves. I love writing. It keeps me happy and makes me a better person to relate to, so that will move into the 2019 list of goals and ambitions.

The desire to be less “utlra private” is the one goal I’m carrying over into this year. I’m known more by my words and less by who I am. The internet has told me that they want to connect to the author behind the words. And while that scares me, I’ve also learned that great things happen when you push into the territory of what makes you fearful, provided it’s not something that can actually arm you. getting out of my comfort zone

That means, I will have a few more gems of who I am slip into more of my posts… provided it can be useful to someone reading it. If not, I’ll keep that to myself. Lol.

The big scary goal that I’m bringing into this year is the push to write and promote a book in a single calendar year. I didn’t make it last year, and I’m OK with that. But I’m more determined to make it work this year.

What should you do with your new year?

While this is obviously up to you, I’d recommend that you take the aspiration and move it over to actualization. One little step each week, each day, each month. Bring this dream forward with you.

It’s too easy to kill a dream with procrastination, but if it’s your little project that you have to pretend you’re moving forward in full stealth, and apply ninja tactics, then do that.

I kept very quiet about my writing goals until I got comfortable with writing. Now, I’m petrifying myself by being open about it, but I now know I have the chops to actually make this happen and become a reality.

I learned a lot about the art of writing and have so much more to learn. But with each gem of learning, I’m pushing my goals forward each and every single week.

In may case, writing a book was a dream I archived before I got out of junior high school. I didn’t have the skills or focus to make it work then. Now, with children of my own, I finally feel the ability is present.

It also doesn’t hurt that I want to leave a great example for them to follow. They see the sacrifices. They see the late nights and early mornings. When they see the book, they will be happy right along with me.

So, with you, what should you do? Whatever it is that you feel you want to get done but have been putting off because of fill in the blanks.

Start moving this forward. It doesn’t have to become a multi-million dollar operation. It doesn’t have to be more than just the satisfaction of knowing you did it. Do it never the less.

Then, let me know about it in the comment section… if you’re so inclined.

Motivational Monday

new or same 1

We all have these little things we let slide by the wayside. My list is way too long. However, like in the last post I’ve made, I’m using anchoring routines to bring these things forward. Not all goals have to be year long.

With each week, each month, each quarter, each season, move your goals forward one step at a time. Just keep them going.

The funniest thing about working systematically, it feels not only rewarding, but helps you feel invigorated and motivated. Just the act of doing makes you want to do more. Self-fueling mechanism of progress.

Go out and start your dreams! Today!

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To conclude this post, below will be a list of the various Motivation Monday projects… sorted by years… for those who would like to binge read any of the posts they might have missed in the past.

Thanks for the time you took to visit and appreciate this blog.

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