Before the hype of the new year ends…

The year is in motion. All the surprises that keep pundits excited are happening. This post was written before those things happened, so, as usual, no commentaries from this peanut gallery.

This is the time when attention moves away from the new year and towards the month of love and history.


Before we wrap up all the hype about the new year

I’m just going to take a little moment to talk about what’s going on with this blog for the new year. Sure, we spoke about that already in some details.

What’s the plan going forward?

I’m going to be opening up a few new links on the blog. Menu items. Nothing spectacular. Nothing major. But, a slightly newer way to navigate the site will help me learn more about the craft of blogging.

There will be a section for the writing stuff, a section for the photography stuff, and a few updates for the existing content you’ve come to know and love.

Why didn’t I release them at the start of the year?

I didn’t get them all done by the close of the last year. I rather do as good a job as I can and release something worth seeing and improve later than release something crappy and frighten newbies of the blog.

There will finally be news about this blog audit that has been slowly changing the shape of the site. I also hope to get moving on creating new photo content for those who love seeing pictures.

When others slow down…

Instead of launching big changes, this year is about slow steady gradual changes. I’ve tried many big time launches and fell flat on my face year in and year out. All noise and little action, is what it felt like.

So, less fanfare this year than any other year in my life. Just slip gently and quietly into the new stuff I want to do. Once it’s going, word will have to be spread somehow. And when that noise is made, people will actually see something and when they return, it will still be happening.

Some goals in life take a bit of time to mature. Not all goals need to see the light of the marketing stage right away. Just like not all goals have to be hidden from all views before they’re ready for prime time.

While others are dropping off their bandwagon of resolutions, now is the time to stay on yours and keep going. The battle of attrition is best won by staying the course.

Later in the year when people lament about missing out on yet another year of success, they’ll you as a person of your word because you’ve stayed the course.

It’s so easy to overstate what can be done in one year. However, one almost invariably underestimates the power of steady compounded progress towards anything.

By anything, we mean, anything

The compound results of not eating right is just as powerful as the compounded results of eating right. Same with the getting to the gym versus not going at all.

The small tiny waves of habits will eventually erode the most majestic of beaches and reshape it into something different.

Next month, the attention in this lovely country turns towards Black History and Valentine’s. Resolutions can easily take a back seat.

The winners keep their lens well focused on keeping their goals moving. The difference is they adjust their goals for the season in which they’re in.

So, if in January, it was all about going to the gym, for example, in February, it’s all about going to the gym with your lover. Same goal, same push, but different flavor to keep it interesting. For those who love planning ahead, in March, it’s all about hitting the gym with those who are fans of March Madness.

With this approach, you can make progress on any of your goals you have. The resolutions don’t end with the close of this month.

Motivational Monday

The hype of resolutions will eventually fade. It’s OK. It’s quite normal. However, this shouldn’t fade your goals and dreams.

Just because the general public decided to sunset their dreams and aspiration doesn’t mean yours have to. If anything, now you’re free from the distractions of everyone shouting about theirs so you can focus on yours.

Now’s the time to get very serious and start this week off right and hot! This is the time to make massive moves and build momentum while no one is paying attention. This is the silent work the memes are talking about.

What will you do this week to move yourself that much closer to your dreams? Make it count. Build that habit out further. Make it fun by adapting it to whatever season is going on in your life. Then, in due time, you’ll be winning as you’ve always planned to win.

Stay focused. Stay the course. Keep your lens clean. Happy Monday


6 thoughts on “Before the hype of the new year ends…

  1. I hope that your year progresses well. Perhaps what I have learnt recently is that life should be about doing exactly what you want to do in the way you want to do it. The trick of course is to be able to pay the bills. Unless one goes off-grid….now there IS a thought.

    1. Thank you. The trick is to do what you love and have your bills paid. That is definitely the most pivotal point.

      However, be that as it may be, one of the other things I’be learned, we all need to do some creative things that allows us to feel joy, happiness, fulfillment, growth, satisfaction, and other things.

      Those things don’t have to pay the bills. It would be nice if they did. However, those creative activities can make the work of paying the bills less onerous and stressful.

      Going off the grid…. what a lovely idea.

      Have a great week on purpose. Have a great day on purpose. Thank you for your kind note!

      1. Love your message and inspiration as well. Your comments were fun as you’re saying stop to enjoy the fresh air and smell the roses. You can’t always stress the things you’re unable to control it takes away hope.

        Enjoy your week/weather/smile Bc it’s all about you 🙂

  2. First off I love your openness as usual (smile), expressing on the new links while feeling if it’s not fully ready why bother sharing half. We understand yet any bread crumbs you share is still awesome for us to peek at.
    Your message of when others slow down is a great inspiration for those needing that push or for them to see it’s my turn to progress I got this.

    For the first time I can skip over/scratch off my listing on you listing going to the gym several times within the month of January lol. I knew right away bc this year I pushed myself off the train with that thought if I go one day maybe I can go a second day. I’ve reached my target to now go 3/4 days per wk. my diet has been changed as well. Looking to reach my next goal yet as you say it will take time.

    Great read and balance for us all on staying motivated to remain healthy.

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