Table of Contents – Moe Curlz

Meet Queen GiGi. Let her journey inspire you to become your best self.

There will be two versions for your ease of navigation. Short and Expanded

Table of Content

Listed are the pages – hosting the various projects of the site. Updates will automatically be posted.

  1. Table of Content – The Gold Coat
  2. Table of Contents – GiGi Portraits

She goes by Moe Curlz on social media. Her journey in transforming herself as well as helping others transform into their better-self caught the attention of this photographer.

These are the stories she’s inspired through the lens of one photo session. There will be more to come and this will be the page that hosts it all.

Expanded Table of Contents

Here is the expanded list with description for your reading ease. Just click on the image or title to be taken to the content described.

  1. Table of Content – The Gold Coat - The table of contents for the Gold Coat series. As more story options get added, they will show up here... as GiGi's adventures continues
  2. Table of Contents – GiGi Portraits - The MoeCurlz Portraits, Queen GiGi series, needs a table of content page. Introducing such a page with a preview of what's already been done. Future stories will join this page... over time.


You can always find more of her own posts, images, yoga, fitness, and inspirational content on her IG account:

The project’s table of content

For ease of navigating back…


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