Episodic Series

When building a house, one has to start with the basement. When building a road, one has to set up the dirt to take on the weight the road has to bear. When writing a book, one has to start with the pieces of the story and elevate to a complete novel.

This writer is not at the level of a book just yet, but the goal is to get to that level soon. Might as well start learning the craft from the bottom and work up.

Episodic Series

Just like the blog started with a few posts of a few words and became one of many full epic long posts… the principle towards storytelling continues.

In the early days, the value of taking a ton of photos to learn led to this photographer being pretty good today.

Why not start with a few episodes of a few concepts and working them up towards a full story. This is the home page of these episodes.

A humble beginning that will eventually become a larger body of work that can birth a novel or short story set.

Before We Digress…

Let’s just start with the basics. Below will be a list of the project(s) in session and one can follow as they grow into more complex series.

Some of these ideas will get pushed to the point of being worthy of a book. Others will just be their own story in and of themselves.

The future is bright. The aim is high. The lens are clear. The vision is correct. One day, one of these episodes below will become a book.

The regulars of this blog will be the first to see the rise of the first published work that this blog has to offer.

For now… enjoy the links to the various projects in session. Just click on the image or title and you’ll be taken to the homepage of that project to learn more and read the various chapters.

Thank you for reading and sharing. Appreciate the likes, as they encourage the continuation of creation. Cheers to reaching big ambitious goals… one level at a time.


Leveling Up – Table of Content

The photog gives a client a hand in understanding himself and romance.

One has to level up themselves before expecting an elevated romance

First work of fiction attempted on the blog. Table of Content

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