Poetic Focus

Whatever one focuses on… grows. When words seem to captivate the attention, smithing and mixing seems to abide with the time. Lyrical plays on words and word plays on lyrics is just a little of the merit that graces these pages.

The evolution of writing means the expansion of writing. Herein lies the possibilities when focused on poetic means. The collision of visual with the written to release a little spiritual.

It’s all a bit of reflecting to create imperfectly as one gazes on life intently. The lens flows as the pen goes which influences the pen’s goings as it knows the lens is watching.

Poetic Focus

Poetry is fun to create. It’s a very different way of telling a story. Learning through trial and error, planning to aggregate the poems into one area of the blog.

This page is such an area. The various moments of poetry will slowly build up into a sweet catalog of ideas and musings for future readers to binge read.


Until the collection gets big enough, learning the art of organizing them from the very start. Feel free to return and visit… better yet… subscribe so you can be notified of any blog posts (includes poems)

Before giving into the temptation of using the whole roses are red and violets are blue… let’s move on to the list, shall we.

The Poetry Project

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