Concrete Jungle

Man has built many things in his quest to dominate the planet. The marvels of man’s architecture and ingenuity is a wonder to photograph. Thanks to the influence of a few online personalities, as well as a few curious photographic aims at man’s creation, a few photos have been collected.

The key is to put together something meaningful about the concrete jungle we call home. That is the artwork that legends have made and this photog just wants to capture playfully.

The Concrete Jungle

There aren’t many series yet, but that can always change over time. Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder. With a blog, it’s now a lot easier to share some of the images that has fascinated the focus of this camera.

Some of us live in an urban setting with a lot of man made amenities. Affectionately called the concrete jungle, we make our living by navigating the structures we’ve created.

Unlike the open spaces of nature, the rules seem to hold more tangible concrete vibes to them. The kind that can be easily sensed. Sure, the same can be said for living in nature, but, when you’re acclimated to the concrete, it feels more natural.

Maybe, one day, the topic of concrete versus nature can be debated on the blog for entertainment purposes. For now, this will just be the home page for any project done around the concrete jungle.

Just click on the image or title to go on to the project and uncover all the blog posts it holds.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing what you’ve seen with others. Until next time, hit the pavement with a curious eye for beauty in all of nature’s variations.

The Urban Landscape

The concrete jungle can be a wild place of adventures, stories, and photos

A bookmark-able page of the collection of inspired thoughts and photos of the urban variety


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