Debut of SM

I’ve been super fortunate to have a dear friend, and cheerleader, spend time listening to me worry about my skills as a photographer. Thankfully, she pushed me to practice, not that I wasn’t already, and try new concepts.

One of the ways in which she made this easier, she gave of her time to model for me. In addition to spending time, she helped me hash out several stories that were featured on various platforms.

Debut of SM

In keeping with a degree of privacy, something I took super seriously from very early, I’m nicknaming her SM for this series. These photos are being shared with her seal of approval.

There will be some gallery post and some fashion posts in addition to the story based posts. My career as a writer accelerated with her constant cheering and feedback about the impression my words were making.

Everyone needs an amazing friend in their corner. SM is just one of many who have helped me along my journey. Cheers to many more years of photos, stories, and mutual support.

  • Debut of SM - Having a friend in your corner who believes in you from day one... is priceless. When that friend also gives of their time to help you with your art... extra priceless. Showcasing one of my many amazing friends
  • Return of SM - Taking another moment to do some light tests with SM Outdoor lighting is always fun to test and study Thanks to amazing friends, one can have a lot of laughs while testing out photo skills

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