Cover of SM

People who have endured through the best of life and the hardest of life tend to have a deeper understanding of the process of growth. Does not matter if they started on top, dipped, and then rose again or started from nothing and rose up.

This is the home of one such person. Constantly working on improving themselves, the search for excellence has become contagious. This lady helps her friends elevate their game.

When she gave of her time to contribute to the elevation of my own game, the connection deepened and the motivation grew.

It is an honor and privileged to share a few projects that was done with SM. Feel free to bookmark this page. SM is following her heart’s dream of changing lives through service. Without further introduction, SM.



Debut of SM

When your friends not only cheer but decide to participate in your photographic journey…

You’ve got a wonderful Debut set of photos

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