Trips often have us experiencing sights that leave an impression on us. A cross oceanic trip to a place we thought we couldn’t reach, or seen in a movie, or something… often can catch our breaths and leave us amazed.

Then, there are the every day stuff we take for granted that others find marvelous and amazing. Truly and remarkably setting the phrase… “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”… to life.

Scenery and Editorials

Every once in a while, looking at one’s environment from a fresh perspective and through new lens can uncover hidden gems.

Other times, one just realizes that we’ve acclimated to beauty around us and forget that even the constructions about us are amazing works of art.

Periodically, slowing down to look about has left a few moments worth capturing on film. This style of landscape photography is beautiful when the experts do it. However, this blogger/photographer does it because it’s just cool.

If the images look great, that’s just an added bonus. Plus, it often is a great excuse to get out and train the lens for fun.


Some of these posts will come from social media. A few bits of musings have trickled through the pen as a consequence of seeing a landmark differently or seeing a sunset shine beautifully.

This page is the home of all these various scenic views that have crossed the line of sight of the lens.

Feel free to bookmark this page and share your thoughts. Whenever a new project gets completed, it will be listed as part of the catalog of projects. Just click on the image or title to see more.

Thank you for the likes and the shares. Helps keep people aware of the visual and literary art you’re enjoying. Side effect: this writer/photographer is encouraged to create more for you.

Sunny Reflection

The sun casts many types of reflection. This is the home page of the photo’s reflections on the sun

The Urban Landscape

The concrete jungle can be a wild place of adventures, stories, and photos

A bookmark-able page of the collection of inspired thoughts and photos of the urban variety

Concrete Jungle

The collection of various scenes involving man-made landscapes

Nature of Landscapes

A list of the few nature landscapes photos captured in during the journey of photography.

A self-directed reminder to do more such photos in the future

Landscape of Nature

Landscapes and scenery photography is an art worth practicing

This page is the documenting of the progression over time… as one seeks to master the art of nature’s landscapes