Sunny Reflection

The sun, the powerhouse that keeps life going on this little rock, has been a difficult subject to study without proper safety. There is no way to look at the sun’s power without protection.

For those who are able to capture the sun’s glory beautifully, it’s a work of art. Until one reaches the levels of professionalism required, gotta start somewhere.

Please. Do not look into the sun directly… ever… without proper protection

Sunny Reflection

On a business road trip or two, the photog took a stop or two, to aim his lens at the reflections of the sun. A time or two, the aim was close enough to focus the sun directly.

Thankfully, always prudently and safely. The camera lens is a powerful focusing lens. It will magnify the intensity of the sun easily. Do not stare directly at the sun

Never the less, after a few efforts, the skill started to form. This created a few golden opportunities to shine some light on the genre of nature photography.

Road Trip Reflections

This page compiles the posts that came from a road trip with ample sunsets and sunrises. Blending some of the various images gave rise to a storyline and now this page is the home of said story.

Thank you for reading and enjoying. Please, do click on the images or titles to see the full story. Feel free to share. Until next time, be safe when aiming at the sun.

Reflective blog posts… and more

  1. Capturing the reflection of the sun - Capturing the sun on a road trip means a few reflective moments to muse about No sun glare in this post though
  2. Reflecting on the sun - A gallery of sun photos from a road trip Just don't look directly at the actual sun... even with sunglasses. Stick to the photos on the blog instead
  3. When the sun inspires reflective poetry - Taking a little inspiration from some photos of the sun... and creating a bit of motivational poetry


For all other sun related scenic photos as well as all other scenery related projects, the list lives below.

Sunny Reflection

The sun casts many types of reflection. This is the home page of the photo’s reflections on the sun

The Urban Landscape

The concrete jungle can be a wild place of adventures, stories, and photos

A bookmark-able page of the collection of inspired thoughts and photos of the urban variety

Concrete Jungle

The collection of various scenes involving man-made landscapes

Nature of Landscapes

A list of the few nature landscapes photos captured in during the journey of photography.

A self-directed reminder to do more such photos in the future

Landscape of Nature

Landscapes and scenery photography is an art worth practicing

This page is the documenting of the progression over time… as one seeks to master the art of nature’s landscapes

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