The word passion sounds full of an energetic vibe that sets the reader or listener in the right context for what is to come. It’s that emotion that is hard to describe. That drive that moves mountains but yet eludes full explanation.

All one knows is this, when talking about your passion(s) the eyes light up, the heart rate quickens, the energy rises, there is a glow about the person that shows. No matter how subtle or how hard they suppress it.

Thanks to passion, one can easily find energy where it was once lacking. Passion is the superman emotion. It fuels the mind, the body, and soul. With passion, runners push harder, body builders go on to the next set, writers press pass their blocks, artists etch their next drawing, and creators create.

Time stops. Priorities shift. Passion fuels ambitions and ambitions drive passions. Pupils dilate. Pulses thump a beat that demands an answer. Hunger rises. You have to get there…yet, the journey can be so exhilarating that the destination sometimes is not as fun as the ride.

The science of passion, although very interesting, doesn’t capture how it affects one and is contagious for the other quite the same way as it would if you were in audience of one talking about their passion.

Poets and lovers have talked of passion as the wonder elixir that many have been willing to die for. Sure, many things have so fascinated men to the point of war…even if just over a woman. In every day life, it’s the fuel of dreams. The fuel of innovation. The only real explanation for giving up food, sleep, sex, and comfort to get the not yet real and attainable.

Passion calls your best self to the table, sizes it up, tells you that it’s not enough, and drives you to get out there to become that better self so that at the next sit down, you are the one to enjoy the fruits of the table you’ve cultivated and set.

Love plus intrigue plus desire plus dreams plus aspiration is just the beginning of the algebra that formulates passion and subdivides it into the daily bread you devour as you multiply your efforts to reach that quadratic equation that elevates you exponentially to that next level. There are few angles you can call acute but not too obtuse to be reached. The common denominator in all of this, you can’t explain. However, one truth is for sure, if you think yourself a zero, no amount of alchemy can overcome the trigonometry of self-defeat.

When they say follow your dreams, don’t leave your mind behind. Pair them both on that true line and let no tangent bother you as you derive increasing strength and wisdom to jump the necessary hurdles to make a dream come true.

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