Ideas Come From….

I'm taking a little moment today to reflect on my writing process and journey. A few things about how I get ideas and how they evolve into the blog posts they become. Where do my ideas come from.... simply.... life. But the process is where all the fun happens

Writing Lessons

Five lessons I managed to see when a big time blogger liked a few of my posts. I'm learning to embrace my writing and letting it grow at it's own pace. Thanks to fans, readers, and followers who encourage... my five lessons will keep me moving forward. Happy Motivational Monday!

It’s the little things that count….

"It's the little things that count..." A very popular saying that has been used in many context to help others understand the importance of the little things in life. Usually, the ¬†little positive things. Over time, they add up to be a big deal. What of the not so positive little things? It is a … Continue reading It’s the little things that count….

The teacher becomes the student

The other day, sitting in front of the computer, contemplating past work, a thought rushed through. The student had become the teacher! Looking at the camera sitting on the side not yet gathering dust, many emotions rushed by. The work was fun, but the time was lacking. The student had excelled and the teacher knew … Continue reading The teacher becomes the student