Thank you.. No.. Thank You! Glad you’re here

Sitting here staring out the window, it is often easy to get lost in thoughts and not realize what you’re staring out at.

The deadlines, the pressures, the hopes, the annoyances, the aspirations. When will there be enough time to get this all done? Will things work the way they should?

However, while the mind is lost going about trying to calculate, things of great importance are slipping by the way right below your nose.

The Hallmark holiday is around the corner, things have to be coordinated to show that you care, but while you’re sitting looking outside the window, there is someone aching to hear a word of kindness from you.  Text, a call, a letter, an email.

There are times when you should say “I’m sorry” instead you turn your back in silence and walk away slamming doors hoping the other is sorry.

There are times you can do something nice, but now.. Your too tired to be bothered. Time spent watching the tv instead of speaking about how your feel.. Time spent tweeting about the current events lost in a phone instead of contemplating a soul that is yours for life.

Thankfully there are times that you sit and look at the same window and realize just how blessed you are. How fortunate you are. How amazing life is. How wonderful the connections are that you have. To those momments, you smile and let stress ooze out. You’ve got richness and riches  beyond measure.

It’s good to meditate and reflect. It’s good to take the time and acknowledge the good and the bad in life. However, just taking stock is not enough. You’ve got to move forward with the lessons and apply them so that you can enrich those who you care about and those you run into who have no one to enrich them.

Growth comes from the sharing of your lessons to others. By sharing you learn more. By sharing you get feedback that help you grow more. By sharing, you’re caring.

Sitting looking outside the window, finding a voice to share, appreciating the moments that are so precious, it’s time to move forward and pay it forward with a few words online to share.

This weekend, while many are sharing some chocolate, do remember to also share some love too. It’s tastier, lasts longer, and also good for your health. Don’t let this weekend be the only time someone hears that you love them. Let this be the start of a new trend of always sharing how you appreciate someone in your life.

While I’m at it, just know this.. I’m extremely grateful that you’re reading this. You’ve got so many other options to read. You’ve made it this far. That is very precious in this crowded internet space. Thank you. Appreciate you. Want nothing but the best for you.

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