Rush Hour

The time is never enough. The pace is just too slow. People don’t get it. They take their sweet time. Time is money. Time is everything.

Tic Toc time moves and waits for no one. You’ve got to rush and get it all in .

But I have an issue here. There is not enough time in a day. Not enough hours in a week. Not enough in a month. But, yet, things that mean a lot just slip by and wait for tomorrow.

Everything is urgent, everything must be done yesterday. Time, how cruel you are. The eternal rush to nowhere keeps calling us, bidding us, teasing us, leaving us.

One meme online said this.. We go to school to get in debt to get a job to pay off that debt to have more money to go do more schooling to get more debt to buy a house…wait.. That’s a lot of rushing to get where?

Sitting for what should be an hour in a vehicle to go to a place I don’t want to really go, so I can have the money to take time off to go somewhere I do really want to go…it has dawned on me that the hour isn’t really an hour. You’re in Rush Hour for as long as it lasts.. And still you’re not done rushing.

Set the alarm clock, rush out of bed. Set the reminder on the calendar to rush out of the door to work. Rush in to the boss’ meeting and hastily take notes. Rush back to your desk to try and get the deadline covered. Rush to another meeting. Before you know it, you’re rushing to the gym, you’ve got to get fit. Then, of course, you must rush home to salvage something with the people you love. Then, rush off to bed, because you have to do it all over again

It’s supposed to be a single rush hour in the morning and a single rush hour in the evening. But, it’s now a lifestyle of rushing. Never a time to slow down and think, it seems.

After a long chat with a mentor, the solution was simple. Create your own Rush Hour. That one hour where you slow everything way down. Breathe. Silence. Peace. Music maybe. Just an hour of serenity.

Before you rush off to the next thing, just pause. Smile. Stretch. Life is worth living, not rushing through it only.

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