Enough is enough

The words crash in your mind and slip out quicker than you can grab them, caress them, converse and act on them.

The spiral looks like it’s going to take you deep. The rabbit hole wants to pull you in and comfort you with a slew of doubt

Have you tried hard enough?

Have you worked at it long enough?

The swirl of nerves, anxiety, worry, stress. There just isn’t enough…

Then you start to think that you’re horrible. You’re not smart enough. You’re not motivated enough. You’re not quick enough. Committed enough

Why else would you not be where you need to be? How come you’re not grinding like you should? What is wrong with…you?

The self doubt, self sabotage, the self hatred can get all too real if you let it

But instead, breathe. Relax. Exhale. Pause. Reflect.

You’re enough. You’ve done enough. You’ve done all that could have been done. It’s done. It is indeed Enough!

What is done is done. It is done enough. All you can carry forward are the lessons. Stop self punishment, self-loathing. Society does that enough to you if it even cares at all.

Enough is enough. Give yourself a break. Heal. Recover. Grow. Embrace.

You’ve done all that could have been done. Forgive yourself if you have to. Tomorrow is another day to put forward better, or the same, or less. But for now, give yourself enough of a chance. You deserve the pause. After all, you’re more than enough

Enough is indeed enough

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