The Review…

Have you ever had a moment where you seriously doubted your abilities? A moment when you think people are lying to you when they say you’re really good at something?

Like what is their agenda or something?
Yeah, those awkward movements when you want to say thank you but you’re not too sure that is what you should do?

I have had a few of those. As a photographer who has had to put the camera down a while, it is hard to hear that I’m really good at what I do. I sometimes thing folks are trying to butter me up so that they can get a freebie from me.

The realities is this, many have said that I’m good because compared to their friends and themselves, I’m pretty good. My work is not too shabby.

How do I know if I’m doing ok or not? How can I fiugure if what I think is good is really good?

Comparing yourself to others is the perfect way to put yourself in a mode of despair. There will be someone who is better than you.


So, I took a bit of time to look at my early days. Thanks to the web, I know that some of my old postings still lives. A few google searches later, I found some of my early work.

Then, I took time to look through my old hard drives and found a few old shoots I have never edited or published.

What’s the verdict, you’re wondering? That will come soon enough, hang tight a moment lol

Everyone needs to take a moment to review their work, their lives, their station in life, their goals, their ambitions.

We humans are not all that great at recalling information and events. We are good at many things in that area, but the details get a bit fuzzy at times.

I strongly encourage you to look at your work, yourself, and be open and honest. Not the critical version. The just curious version of looking. That side of you is a whole lot nicer than your critical self.. give credit  where it is due. And for all the flaws you may see, give yourself a break and give yourself encouragement.

What I’ve  learned about my skills is this, I’m a pretty good photographer. I have skills. I am not world class. I am not a beginner. I can produce amazing photos every now and again. And by every now and again, I mean, whenever I put my mind to producing great photos…one of them is pretty good lol

While a lot of that depends on the subject matter I’m photographing, in the end, I do pretty good.

I bet you do the same too in areas where you don’t know  you shine. Ask a few trusted friends to give you feedback. I’m sure in time you’ll have a good idea where to look for this review.

Before the next quarter starts, review your year. Review your goals. Then.. Give yourself a hug or kudos. You’re better than you thinks. And you have more room to grow than you think.

Love yourself. Review yourself. And learn from yourself and others. Put in a plan to get where you’d like to go. If you’re there already, massive kudos.

My review has made me want to go shoot more pix again. I have to keep these skills current.. And grow them of course. But I’m happy I’m now more aware of how good I am, have a better appreciation that I can get better, and the road isn’t as rough as I thought it was to getting better.

Set a time, a q unite time, to do a review 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Review…

  1. Every time I feel down on myself, or feel I’m “not good enough”, I do exactly what you suggest, and I always surprise myself.

    My first surprise is how long I’ve been doing this online writing/content thing. (Yeah, I feel a bit old.)

    My second surprise is how good I feel I am.

    My third surprise is that I’m blessed enough to be able to continue.

    Great post Mr. J ~

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