In the interim..

Being sick sucks. Having to be a parent while sick, a test in endurance. Having to work while sick and being a parent has taught me to share more of my gratitude of my wife with my wife

Ladies perform miracles all day. Every day. Sure, guys do also. But, being I’m a guy, let’s just say…I’m going to focus less on me here

I wanted to write a great story. Alas, sleep, when you can get it, is best to grab.

Instead of skipping my usual Thursday post, I write this short commentary. Women do amazing things. Period. Fellas, let your lady know you appreciate what she does

Ladies, if you got a man who recognizes your worth, let him know you noticed. To those who do let their men know, we see you and a ever grateful

Until next post, I got a life that won’t stop or slow just because I’m under the weather.

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