Playing with the guys….

Many years ago, learning about music, I had help from many guys who were just a bit better than me. The drive to get better so I can share the stage or just be on stage around them pushed my skills forward Looking back in fondness, I wonder where they're at now My huge growth started with the guys at Emmanuel and other churches like it.

Mini Recall Trip…series….

Over the course of writing this blog, I've pondered many things. I've shared some, but not all. What I do know is this, the creative person I am today is not a random solo act. I had a lot of help. I don't often get a chance to share who has influenced me how and … Continue reading Mini Recall Trip…series….

Thank you

To all who read this blog, thank you. A few of you have liked various posts...and I am grateful that you do so. I recently discovered I like to write. It's very easy to get discouraged and think you're never going to write good material. But the constant views and likes really encourage a writer … Continue reading Thank you

In the interim..

Being sick sucks. Having to be a parent while sick, a test in endurance. Having to work while sick and being a parent has taught me to share more of my gratitude of my wife with my wife Ladies perform miracles all day. Every day. Sure, guys do also. But, being I'm a guy, let's … Continue reading In the interim..

The teacher humbly/gladly becomes the student

The other day, sitting in front of the computer, contemplating past work, a thought rushed through. The student had become the teacher! Looking at the camera sitting on the side not yet gathering dust, many emotions rushed by. The work was fun, but the time was lacking. The student had excelled and the teacher knew … Continue reading The teacher humbly/gladly becomes the student

Thank you.. No.. Thank You! Glad you’re here

Sitting here staring out the window, it is often easy to get lost in thoughts and not realize what you're staring out at. The deadlines, the pressures, the hopes, the annoyances, the aspirations. When will there be enough time to get this all done? Will things work the way they should? However, while the mind … Continue reading Thank you.. No.. Thank You! Glad you’re here