A challenge…opportunity…

The other day, a chat with a former client of mine covered the topics of my interests in business. .The question was simple, why didn’t I grow my photography into a successful business. And, as good as I think I am, that is a solidly good question.

I can spin this any number of ways. I can chalk it up to life happening, to priorities changing, to lack of focus, or not understanding marketing principles.

Whatever the way I place it, the reality is this, I slept on a great opportunity. I have not moved on it the way I should have. I have not build what was mine to build. I just let things drift.

After a lovely chat making me look really hard at myself, the reality was clear. I did not take advantage of the market when the chance had presented itself. Would I do this again if another chance showed up? I was too quick to say I wouldn’t.

Then. the challenge was thrown. An opportunity was presented. Now, I had to put my mouth together with my money… so to speak.

All the theories of how to get market shares, all the reading of blogs and all the audio listening I have done, it is now being put to the test. Can I take on this old client and help them build their own success story.

They know little about business. They know little about photography, graphics, design, and how to captivate an audience. They feel I know more than they do. So, now, the challenge, to make them successful in their project.

This is making me think a whole. I am seeing where I fell short in my photography journey. I see where I fell short in other endeavors of mines. Now, can I pull my knowledge to move my own goals forward as well as move theirs forward? That is the challenge, the opportunity I’m facing.

While I do believe in myself, nothing beats solid proof… a testimonial… that you’ve done a great job. In the next few weeks, I have to weave a nice story that is able to catch attention and have the potential to go viral. I can’t promise anything with viral. I accept the challenge of writing. I accept the challenge of sharing the stories on social media. I see this as a great opportunity to learn how the world of content marketing works.

When this is said and done, I hope to become a much better writer, much better blogger, much better social media user. What comes after that, well, only time will tell. For now, I just feel glad to have another opportunity to impress someone I once impressed.

Until my results come in and are worth writing about, enjoy the week you’re about to have as well as any future post I write. Feel free to let me know how you enjoy it. While I am open to suggestions about what to write about, I can’t guarantee my skills will cover all topics just yet.

Whatever opportunity you have that fits in line with the dreams and ambitions you have, don’t hesitate to entertain them. You never know if one will move your plans forward more just by taking them. I know this opportunity in this challenge is helping me learn a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise have made time to learn.. thinks I need to learn.

Go grab your opportunity.

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