When Fast Fashion Hurts

Proudly prepared for a new job, I was ready to show off my latest fashion and race up the career ladder. Then, this lovely fashion upgrade, this wonderful investment... was too good to be true. Certain life lessons came from this seemingly awesome fast experience that proved to be nothing more than hurt. When Fast Fashion Hurts!

Win vs Right

Some have to be totally right, at all cost. Others play to win. There is a difference between winning while right and just winning as a team. Check the various ways one can win, even if not right.

Apologize for being hot? I think not!

Many people play very small in their lives. They're afraid to look arrogant or offend someone for being great themselves. It's time we stop apologizing for the space we occupy. Stop being sorry for being good, hot, sexy, smart, confident, etc. You're one of a kind. Be the best you that you can be. Period. Even in humility.

Writing Lessons

Five lessons I managed to see when a big time blogger liked a few of my posts. I'm learning to embrace my writing and letting it grow at it's own pace. Thanks to fans, readers, and followers who encourage... my five lessons will keep me moving forward. Happy Motivational Monday!

Locus of Control

Intro: Locus of Control Earlier in the week, Monday to be exact, the post was about a Rogue Agent. The example of eating a cake was used to discuss how one can moralize food and some of the potential consequences of doing so. The perspective of agency to eating cake might seem a bit trite … Continue reading Locus of Control