Mini Recall Trip…series….

Over the course of writing this blog, I’ve pondered many things. I’ve shared some, but not all. What I do know is this, the creative person I am today is not a random solo act. I had a lot of help.

I don’t often get a chance to share who has influenced me how and when. There are so many people to thank. I don’t want anyone person to feel I’m not grateful for what they’ve done. However, to start, there has to be a point or reason to start.

This mini series may turn out to be a regular thing. Who knows. For now, I’m going to focus on one group of people that have helped me become the artist I am today. They don’t really know about their help. They’ve just supported in any way they could. Now, I’m returning the favor with a mini series focused on them and how they’ve helped me along the way. Not just me, but my family as well.

Meet Emmanuel…the church, that is.

This particular group of families have worked tirelessly to help their community grow and prosper to the best of their ability. I have worked with them on and off over many years. And like most other churches I’ve been involved with, I came out a better person for their support.

In recent times, they have stepped up their support game with my family beyond description of words. I watch how they do what they do and am amazed. I always wonder, will I ever be this good at helping others?

After I focus on Emmanuel, I will shift my attention to other church groups and families that have helped me and my family on similar massive scale. No, I won’t forget or neglect the ones who have helped me on a much smaller but equally significant scale.

The early days of my photography, music, and speaking careers took a turn for the better during my tenure working with this group. Their youth society made me feel at home and they provided me with a lot of the opportunities that translated into business ventures, recoveries from economic slumps, and opportunities that will soon become business ventures and life changes I’m very excited about.

As this series develop, if it speaks to you, feel free to share it. One of the other things I hope to share in the series is how the opportunities I’m seeing are coming to reality. Reality for the church Emmanuel as well s for me.

Until then, have a lovely and awesome day!

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