Walking through this blog as an example

Three years ago, if one had told this writer that there was a call to write, the laughter would have shamed the person who tried to make that point across. Today, well, you’re reading this blog post.

How did that come to be? Well…

It started years ago with taking photos. Love capturing a story through the perspective of a lens. Not having the ability to draw, the next best thing was to freeze a story in time via a photo.

Like all good passion activities, bills need to get paid. The photog (yeah, weird not talking about myself in the first person lol) could do photos all day without pay, but keeping a phone and internet connection is not free. To make the case for being paid, the photog started writing little notes below his photos.

Many people loved the stories built into the photos and albums. It became a talking point, a selling point, and a source of referrals and repeat business. That’s all great and good.

Today. Life has changed. No time to do photos… thanks day job! So, running around to do the types of photos the photog really likes is not really possible. Nor paying models an option either. Can’t keep asking folks to do photos for free.

But telling a story is still very important. The passion was awakened. The need to share ideas in story format kept growing. The call became clearer.

There are many other aspects of the photog’s life that also was converging on the fact that telling stories was the Calling. Well, one part of the calling anyway.

In order to figure how to get additional business in the future, the bright idea of a blog was repeatedly mentioned by friends over and over until the photog got the message (OK.. I’m gonna switch and stop talking about myself in the third person for the sake of my sanity <yes… people say never change from 1rst to 3rd person while writing.. It’s my blog.. I’m changing it>) insert laughter

Now, I’m telling stories through the blog here. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And just like photography, I can do it for free all day long. Will I? Time will tell lol.

My calling is to convey ideas through stories. People who know me in may different capacities will attest that is one of my stronger skills. So, the hope is to eventually mix all my story telling skills, gifts, and talents into one Call. No idea yet how that will look. But it’s a fun ride for sure


It is not by chance that you’re where you’re at in life. It’s not by chance that you’re good at the things you’re good at. Some came with ease, others were earned. However, the bigger picture is that these things are preparing you for your call.

You don’t have to have this figured out as a child or teen or early adult. Sometimes people uncover their call late in life. When the discovery is made and embraced, then the serious fun starts. The passion is lit and life just flows more easily.

Sure, life will still have moments where it’s hard. Sure there will be days where the grunt work just beats you. However, when you’re playing inside of your strengths, passion comes alive and keeps you grinding another day. Keeps you learning. Keeps you willing to pivot, or not.

Take a moment to reflect. What are the things that touches your passion. What is the bigger picture telling you? Take a moment to get that in focus. Then, you’ll have a better idea of your calling. It will unfold and show itself to you. And then, you too will have a more exciting story to share to help someone else get passionate about their own calling!

Until next time, enjoy the view, keep things properly focused, and have fun along the journey 🙂

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