The No Secret Zone

In the world of SEO optimization, catchy or clever titles have very little purpose. If anything, they’re not really searchable, I’m told.

Yet, when you look into certain posts, the title feels like it needs to be catchy. But this post is not about being SEO optimize. See, no secret already in this zone.

I’ve written a few long “epic” posts of whatever and a few shorter posts of the same. Yet, I’ve not often disclosed much about me.

This is not a therapy post where I dump everything about myself out to the world. No, not that kind of No Secrete Zone.

I’m doing a little play on words today. Just because I wanna experiment with that. Something I enjoy doing plenty of privately (shared one secret)

SEO – means Search Engine Optimization… no.. I didn’t Google verify. Not necessary today

Let me play with this a sec. Search. Empower. Optimize. That is what is necessary in love these days.

Search the heart of your lover. Seek to understand their needs and view-point. Gaze into their soul not to judge, change, critique, but to know. I mean, deeply know!

Not the Google Search variety of knowing where you just look for a catchy click bait headline and then move right alone to the next search or trending FB topic to click like on.

If you want that relationship to deepen, you have to get into all the depth, shadows, highlights, and gradient of the photo of their soul. Understand the motives, the operating system, the optics, and the drive.

Empower them to express their feelings to you. No one likes to be shut down or put off. Everyone wants to be heard, understood, and appreciated. Let them, your lover, know that they’re safe in the No Secret Zone. Full transparency, full accountability, full love.

Let your actions and your words be in one accord saying the same message that they’re totally safe in your arms and that no secrets will leak out. They have to experience trust to feel trusting and comprehend how trustworthy you are. This doesn’t happen by default of the relationship title… it’s cultivated over time

Optimize your relationship. Simply, do the work of being the best partner you can be. Be the best listener you can be. Take what they need, and give it your best. When they ask for water, don’t give them the smallest sip, make available the whole cistern. When they ask for a hug, don’t limit the time, let them decide when the hug is enough.. etc.

Make sure and certain that whenever their heart looks and searches for love and support, your name pops up at the top of the list. We can’t assume that is the case, but we can ensure it is by being the best.

Sure, every now and again you’re gonna get that side-eye, but that’s ok. (the reference to the side eye and it’s ramification is from the blog post of WhileSheBlooms talking about marrying your best friend)

In conclusion, the investment in your relationship is what will yield the fruits you’ll enjoy as the relationship blooms. It takes time. It takes work. It is worth it. Keep others out. Guard the relationship. Protect it from outsiders. Don’t go meddling into other’s relationships.

In the end, the No Secret Zone depends on your SEO policies of your love life!

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