Win vs Right

Some have to be totally right, at all cost. Others play to win. There is a difference between winning while right and just winning as a team. Check the various ways one can win, even if not right.

Enough is enough

The words crash in your mind and slip out quicker than you can grab them, caress them, converse and act on them. The spiral looks like it's going to take you deep. The rabbit hole wants to pull you in and comfort you with a slew of doubt Have you tried hard enough? Have you … Continue reading Enough is enough

Thank you.. No.. Thank You! Glad you’re here

Sitting here staring out the window, it is often easy to get lost in thoughts and not realize what you're staring out at. The deadlines, the pressures, the hopes, the annoyances, the aspirations. When will there be enough time to get this all done? Will things work the way they should? However, while the mind … Continue reading Thank you.. No.. Thank You! Glad you’re here