Leave it at the door, please

The lines between work and life is so blurred the balance almost is nearly gone. How do you keep sanity and not cause the ones you love so much pain? Restore enough boundaries to have choice... leave the bad and ugly at the door and bring in the love and cuddly home

Two Silent Killers of Romance

Of the many things that ruin love and romance, two of them are doing so very silently and epidemically. The negative feedback loop of this catch 22 is serious. Fatigue and Stress are killing romance at much higher rates than you'd imagine. So, can you beat the odds? Thankfully, yes.

Mom: A Rare Diamond

A childhood song had a set of lyrics that says a piece of a mom is more valuable than a rare precious diamond. that's absolutely true A quick tribute to my mom, the mother of my children, and all the amazing moms of the world.

Win vs Right

Some have to be totally right, at all cost. Others play to win. There is a difference between winning while right and just winning as a team. Check the various ways one can win, even if not right.