The Lump of Coal Hypothesis

I recently had a lovely chat with someone on social media. They had a beautiful quote about being called a diamond and their response about being a lump of coal.

Taking a cue from a very popular television show, a certain hypothesis was formed about the lump of coal idea… The Lump of Coal Hypothesis

Today’s reflection is about how a person views themselves and the impact it has on their ability to face life’s challenges. This is not a scientific paper, just a thought sharing post.

Keep on reading to see how your own self view impacts your ability to face challenges

How you believe you are shapes how folks respond to you. The hypothesis being that if you consider yourself to be of high worth, you will attract high worth people about you.

Let’s use two imperfect metaphors. One of the Lump of Coal and the other being a Dazzling Diamond.

Both are carbon rich items found deep inside the earth. Much effort is spent to retrieve them. One is used to power economies and the other is used to showcase the power of economies.

A Lump of Coal is often not seen as worth much outside the industries that use it. In fact, in several children stories, being given a Lump of Coal is not a good thing.

Identifying as just being a Lump of Coal means you see yourself as just being. The value is not clearly apparent, yet it’s there. The power of your existence may be clouded by the dust that tends to follow about the work of coal.

2 thoughts on “The Lump of Coal Hypothesis

  1. I love this post. It is an amazing thing to consider the contrast of what you described. Also, the way that you pointed out that either being a lump of coal or a diamond is ok! But, it is up to you which you choose!
    I’m so glad to be rubbing elbows with a diamond! May you be blessed and continue to write, as it is clearly one of your gifts!

    1. Thank you so kindly. Really appreciate the lovely words:)

      I recently discovered my writing gift and am working hard to cultivate it to the fullest.

      I’m excited about what will be down the road.

      Stay blessed always my friend

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