Thank You MLK

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr for your dream

Many bloggers will take the time today to write many wonderful pieces about the man who’s birthday it is today. Even more will write even more impressive pieces tomorrow on the day that the US commemorates Martin Luther King Jr.

Visionaries may be plenty, but few act on their visions. And those that do chase their dreams at great cost to themselves leave a mark on history that is not easily forgotten.

Martin Luther King Jr has a legacy that continues to live on as times are changing at ever increasing pace. The dream that everyone has a fair shake at chasing their own dreams.

Thank you sir for your passionate example.

You may not have lived to see it, but we are seeing the realization of your vision. Despite all the challenges it faces, love is making a way in ever increasing world of hate. Faith is rising through a sea of doubt. Men and women are now being measured more than ever by the content of their mind and hearts and less by the content of their melanin… even as fear is causing more to execute impulsively.

There is a lot more work to be done. There is a lot more dreaming to be created. There is a lot more vision to be sparked. Thankful and grateful that you ignited in many minds the idea that it is possible to make dreams reality.

More to go on the dream

With a new era where facts are considered fiction and fiction substitutes for facts, the dream is under threat. Fear has gripped a nation built on freedom principles. The mind is enslaved to many more distractions than ever, and clarity is harder to come by.

It is those who wage a steady war against the tyrannies of mass distractions who have a shot at making a dream come true. It is not a war of might in the physical domain of life but one of the mind in the intangibles and ephemeral spaces of idea creation.

What’s in the balance is the very freedoms that were once established and known to be true. The very right to believe one can achieve is being challenged like never before. Barriers are rising at faster paces than solutions to overcome seem to materialize. However, what is true of old is still today… the just can’t sit silently by and watch, for they will be just as guilty as the unjust who perpetuate violence on freedom.

Post MLK’s life, we’ve seen a black man become president and a woman nearly become one. Access to data, information, and knowledge has broken many barriers. Yet, the divide between the haves and have-nots has grown substantially.

We have more to go. One quote I heard many times growing up… and I paraphrase it for this article… “just because you’ve got a refrigerator doesn’t mean you’ve arrived to the promised land”

All it means is that you’re well on your way. Don’t settle. Don’t stop dreaming.

You too can live out your dream

Instead of going deeper into a long post about the marvels of Martin Luther King Jr’s life, I just want to take a moment to encourage the reader to protect the avenues of your mind. Don’t let negativity assail and slaughter your dreams. Don’t buy into the lies that you’re not good enough, can’t be smart enough, and aren’t going to make a difference.

These weapons of mass distraction are built to rob you of your dream. Everyone has a dream. Adulthood may have clouded the dream. Hormones may have disrupted the dream. But every person comes to the planet equipped to thrive and do more than survive. Get back to your roots. Unearth your dreams. Nourish them. Protect them. Share them wisely. Grow them.

In time, you too will be a significant agent of change. History may or may not know it, but those who benefit will forever be grateful to you for being honest in your pursuit of your purpose.

until I’m able to resume my regular-ish postings… Happy New Year to all you kind dear readers Never Sell Yourself Short! The Dream may be free, but you’re capable of paying the price of making your dreams come true.

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