Lessons From a Sunset

photographed in my early days of learning photography

There are perfect sunsets

Took a few many months to wait on the sun to reach the right angle. Then, it was all about bringing my skills to the right fever pitch to get the photo!

Sure, that sounds very Hollywood of me, but in reality, that is a bit how things went down. I had to wait. Had I quit, I’d not have the photo of that sweet sunset.

While patiently waiting, lessons

To get that photo of the building, I had a lot of things to learn about photography.

Thinks like:




White balance

While waiting on the sun to reach the right zenith in the sky, I had to work on learning all the various little pieces that would allow me to get the shot I wanted. This meant a lot of practicing. A lot of “failures” along the way. There were days when I questioned my ability to learn what needed to be learned

Real Life Application

This is the same story for other aspects of life and dream chasing. The pieces have to all come together. Too many times we try to score a grand slam right out of the gate without putting in the necessary work to have that skill set.

It’s not that you can’t swing and clear the fences in your very first time up to bat. No. Luck does strike. Sometimes talent does surprise. However, nearly 99% of the time, you’ve got to gradually rise up to the ability to swing big

As you chase your dreams this year, do take patience into consideration and build your skills up. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Overshoot Your Destination

Cutting corners to rush to a goal sometimes puts you at risk of over cooking the very thing you’re trying to perfect. Or more typically, under cooking it.

Enjoy the journey. Learn everything you can along the way. It’s worth it.

Today, it’s easy to shake off the rust and get back in the shooting game because I’ve got lots of practice. I know the drills I have to do to warm up. I know the equipment. I know what to look for. All thanks to patient practice

Whatever you’re working on… set up your prefect sunset

As your year continues, don’t give up on your goals, your ambitions, your challenges, your resolutions. Keep chipping at it with laser focus.

Baby steps with laser focus will get you to the end with greater certainty than massive sporadic distracted haltering steps. The distractions will take you way off course and sometimes you’ll get lost and not figure how to come back quickly enough.

Chip away steadily and religiously and before your know it, opportunity will shine on you, like it did on the building, and you’ll be ready for that perfect photo that you had dreamed of taking.

inspiration to share provided by IG’s @Onfirefit with her site at www.onfirefit.com

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