A Thank You Collection

There are people in life who make things happen and you’re too easily tempted not to give them an adequate thank you. Those people who encourage you and make growing up so much easier. I’ve been blessed to have a few of those.

Today, taking a little time to acknowledge one person for their generosity and time. Part of my photographic art is built on their modeling gift.


Intro – A little Flashback Set of Postings

In the early days, it was about learning to ask people for their time for photos. Then, it was learning how to creatively pose people. Eventually, it was learning how to set up the background that you had so the whole photo looked good. Followed by learning how lighting of all types worked together.

All that time, all those hours, all that energy could have been “work” if it was not so much fun with someone you could laugh with and get amazing feedback.

As my skills grew, the test sessions lead to more leads for paid photoshoots. Recently, the taking of photos has slowed, but they encouraged me to move my creativity to the written form. There was something there that I didn’t see. Good thing I took the leap of faith too.

You’re more than welcome to read a few of the older stories such as “A Twinkle In The Eye” and  “When Quitting Seems Very Appealing”. There will be other posts to come.

The short stories below are not told in chronological order: they’re just told from the perspective of how the photos were stored in one of my hard drives. Also took some creative liberties to make the fact based fiction interesting.

{the story continues on the next page}

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