Just a quick word of encouragement today. Your week has many open promises and many doors to cover. You’ve got choices. You’ve got a brand new opportunity to make your dreams that much closer to reality. Stay encouraged!


This weekend, a few people took the time to share their words of encouragement with me. It made a huge difference. When threading deep into the world of one’s imagination, the risk of touching dark passages that often suck you down rabbit holes is great.

Having people remind you how much they appreciate you and how much they want to see you succeed is just priceless. It makes the going a lot easier

Because of them, I’m writing today to encourage you to keep pressing on towards your dreams. Saddle up and gear up for your success. Attack the week with optimism, faith, motivation. The past is behind you, the present is wide open, the future to be designed and influenced.

Your word of Encouragement

Dear reader, the fact you’re visiting is encouragement for me. Take heart, you’ve got your own greatness shining and being uncovered. While some of you are doing quite great, others are becoming great. Whatever your situation, you’ve got a say in it. It may not be all the say you want, or the type of say you’d like, however you’ve got some say.

Take the amount you have and optimize it with a healthy dose of confidence. Move with purpose. Act like you’re expecting to win with the humility to know you may not and can learn from the moments you don’t.

Take heart in knowing that all things do change. Life is all about cycles. Some ups and some downs. All in due time, things will change. And you do have a say in how that change will happen.

Let’s be totally real though

There are some latitude that you have that isn’t much at all. You may not be able to change life to become what you want. You do have the control over your internal disposition. Your internal outlook. Your internal happiness. Sometimes, that’s all the control you do have. And sometimes, that’s all the control you’ll need.

Example: A homeless person right now can’t do much about being homeless this very moment. They can choose to be appreciative of being alive or they can opt to be angry with the universe and all it holds for not having the ability to step out of their homelessness this very instant.

Other times, it’s the choice to cut the television, take a few moments to scratch a todo list together for Monday, and then try to get it done before the day is over. That small change can make enough difference to start you on a new path.

I know for sure, I don’t get good energy from doing the news in the morning. To give my Motivational Monday or any other day a chance at being great, I skip the morning news. That was my choice to make. And my days are better for it.

What choice will you make? What will you do to create that encouraging vibe that will propel you closer to your dreams, closer to your happiness, closer to those you care for?

Closing words of encouragement

Be good to yourself. Don’t spray harshness into your mind with critical negative thinking. Go easy on yourself. Save that energy for actually getting things done that means something to you.

You are worth it. You can do this, and you will do it if you want to. You’re more than good enough and will get even better once you start doing what you need to be doing.

This writer believes in you, why else would you even be here if you didn’t value yourself already. Take these words of encouragement and have a fantastic start to your week.

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